High Performance Sales Academy
3-Day Transformational Event

Dallas, Texas

April 9 -11, 2018

At the ?Live Event? ? In just 3 days, you are going to create:

  • Your personal High Performance selling system
  • Your personal Referral Roadmap
  • Your personal Unique Selling Points
  • We are going to walk you through our simple system on what it truly takes to convert referrals and serve your referral sources at the highest level.

You will leave the High Performance Sales Academy LIVE- Knowing how to:

    • Cut through the noise to figure out exactly what YOUR USP
    • Find the perfect words to describe what you do in a way that moves people to want to do refer to you you not just because you have what they need, but because you understand them and care about who they are. And it's obvious in your sales message
    • Learn an exact system to share your story and your services with clarity and confidence
    • Identify strategies and tactics that are immediately actionable and will actually help you move the needle in your agency so you start seeing immediate movement toward your dreams and goals
    • Reduce the overwhelm by having a well-thought-through, step-by-step action plan so that you can work smarter and leverage your time
    • Make the decisions that will take your business forward without guesswork
    • Plan the best marketing strategies for YOU to reach your BIG goals for 2018 and beyond with confidence

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