My twin boys are in the 1st grade and at their elementary school, this is one of their success habits. When they come home from school, they will say to me, “Mom, we have to put 1st things 1st and do our homework before we go out and play.”

This is a great success habit, and I am glad it is being instilled at such a young age. Our Home Health Marketing or Home Care Sales Reps are like that too.

There is so much being thrown at them daily and so many distractions that sometimes it is hard to know what is first and how to prioritize them for achieving maximum home care referrals.

We use an Action / Priority Matrix Tool in our coaching practice to help home care owners, home health marketers, hospice liaisons, and Home Care Sales Representatives to organize and prioritize their activities so they can be more productive with less effort!

After all, who would not want that?


The quadrants help us with a simple grid defining tasks according to their importance and urgency.

Fill out the matrix with your tasks and goals.

Now review, where do you spend most of your time?

How does it feel?

Time to get motivated once you review and reflect on your answers! 

What is the crucial action that would support all the others?

Time for commitment!

Identify three actions to put in motion (try to make it something you can do in the next day or two – fast action makes you feel successful!)

When you put the 1st things 1st, YOU and YOUR AGENCY WINS!

Time Management is up to you!

Looking for more ways to be efficient?  The High Performance Coaching Program has all the tools you need to produce quickly and get referral sources referring!

Serve More Seniors!

Together We Grow~!