This week I got a call from one of my favorite clients – Sally (names have been changed to protect the privacy of the client). She was super upset because her representative (Jen) was not producing to the level that Sally thought she should be by this time at a year into the position.

When Sally had a conversation with Jen about her production, Jen became really defensive and shared with anyone at the office who would listen “why she was not getting referrals”.

At some point, we have all faced a sales slump. That place where the referrals just are not meeting our expectations is tough.

What do you do?

Let’s start at the beginning.

What are your sales expectations? Can you or your rep clearly articulate them?

  1. 40 calls a week
  2. Document each call
    • The purpose of the call
    • Sales message of the week
    • What was the Home Care Sales Trigger™ question you asked to create a meaningful way to “ask for a patient or client.”
    • Follow up reason or activity

Did that list seem like a lot to pack in at every call?

It is easy to accomplish when you follow the structure of the TADA™ sales call.

This sales call takes less than 5 minutes and ensures you are hitting all the key points to deliver results.

When you read this blog – do you or your representative complete the expectations above?

Do you or your marketer have a sales message of the week? One that builds a bridge to your referral source and makes the connection to the patient type that you want? (Do you know the patient types you want to take advantage of PDGM?)

This owner had resources available for her representative.

Jen had access to tools, but she was not implementing them.

She was struggling. Jen REALLY wanted to do well, but she was FRUSTRATED. She didn’t know HOW TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY! She was doing 40 calls a week. But she was not using a sales message of the week. She was not using a Home Care Sales Trigger™ question, and she was not tracking how many times she had visited her referrals sources so she could figure her sales efficiency ratio and when it was time to do Step 4 the “REVEAL” sales call.

This story has a happy ending. With a little bit of structure and creating an expectation document for the representative. She was able to use the weekly sales messages and Home Care Sales Trigger™ questions from the Roadmap of Referrals to give her the words to say to gain referrals.

She was able to gain two referrals this week – she is off to a good start.

Looking for the tools that Jen used to “get back on track”?


High-Performance Sales Academy – Step by Step Formula to approach your referral sources to gain a referral.

RoadMap to Referrals – 52 wks of sales messages and Home Care Sales Trigger Questions™ that gets you results!

PDGM for Marketers – The “right referral starts with the Marketers.”


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