FREE WEBINAR: How to capture clients who say, “We Can’t Afford Home Care.”


We have all heard it before many of our referral sources believe their patients can not afford home care or clients themselves report they don’t think they can afford home care. It is the MOST COMMON OBJECTION! MONEY!

Calling all Owners, Home Care Assessment staff, Inquiry team members, Marketers, or Sales Reps:



For the past 20 years, Cheryl and Melanie have been helping agencies find the right message to win referral sources and clients! We will share the secrets with you!

Join us for a 30 min educational webinar to discover:

  • How to craft a path to “Yes” using this one phrase
  • Develop a method to making clients “stick” to your agency like glue (even if they don’t take a live caregiver today)
  • This one game-changing tactic that flips the script and gets the client the care package to “fill the gap” – choosing YOUR AGENCY!
  • Get FREE resources to help your agency GROW!

Its time to get referrals pouring into your agency and making every caller “stick like glue” to you!

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 11th at 11:00 AM CST/ 12:00 Noon EST / 9:00 AM PST

You will not want to miss this!