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This is the year of retention. Hi, I’m Melanie Stover one of the co-owners of home care sales and we’re talking retention.

Yes, staffing is a challenge, and we know it’s going to be a challenge for a while,

so well so many people are talking about recruiting and I love recruiting you should keep doing that.

I think one of the things that we absolutely must focus on is retention, you have great

staff, how do we feel, how do we keep them feeling the love of your agency?

So, here are some tips that we’ve done this year that have really made a difference with

our staff be it our clinicians, our office staff (of course) our sales and marketing teams.

Let’s talk a few tips about how to really leverage retention.

So the first thing is obvious, everyone says “pay.”

Do we have competitive pay? …and I will share with you that, yes, it matters.

Most people will I mean obviously they care about how much they get paid and when they’re leaving they will cite.

“Oh, I’m leaving because I’m getting more money,” but it’s not the truth.

It’s an easy thing to say, and it saves a lot of face, but I would submit to you that they’re probably leaving a manager or an environment.

That’s what the research says.

So, think about that.

Yes, you want to be competitive with your pay, but what can you do to add value, besides pain?

I mean that’s the biggest thing right? …It’s that we’ve got to add value to our offering so that we can continue to care for patients and care for them a long time, and the best way to do that is to have clinicians who stay a long time.

I tell my marketers all the time.

What are we selling we’re selling these clinicians so if we don’t have caregivers.

We have nothing to sell.

So consequently, be part of the solution in your retention program at your agency.

If you are a marketer if you’re an owner, think about that.

Obviously, you got to get your salary and benefits right.

I would like to also share with you that people want to be heard and validated.

So listen to your team members listen to your staff (do surveys)

Recently, one of our clients (who’s doing a big retention program) just did a survey and found out some really interesting things.

Now, they were negative, but let me share with you, they were the administrator of that office needed to hear them.

Because it was about a supervisor who consistently was getting some feedback in the surveys – so get the feedback, so you can get honest, open communication and address it!

Make them be heard and then act on some of that feedback

The second thing or the third thing I want to share with you is.

Create leaders not bosses.


Nobody wants to be told what to do.

We all want to empower our team to be critical thinkers.

So how are you doing that?

Are you providing them with continuing education?

Invest in your employee’s future.

And we do that through skill development, one of the things that I ask our sales REPS to do is to show me their calendar.

If there is not an hour blocked out each week for skill development, I know they’re not a student of the game.

Are they really investing in their future?

So, is it (for us obviously) it’d be like sales and marketing tactics…

how to develop rapport… I want them to continue to sharpen their skills.

Same with our clinicians are you investing in them is there some type of training that they would like to participate in, in order to better themselves?

The other thing that we talk about is making them proud to work for you.

What are you doing?

Are you a values match?

I know many of my clients right now are defining their values, putting it right on their email signatures saying what do they stand for.

Are they compassionate?

Have Integrity?

What is it, what do you stand for, and have you articulated that?

I would also like to share with you, many of our clients are offering their clinicians to do volunteer activities and get paid for them.

So allowing them so many hours a pay period or a month to participate in some type of giving back to the Community.

How are you deepening that relationship with them beyond productivity?

We know productivity is important because we’ve got to get revenue.

We’ve got to get patients served – your clients served, and I recognize as a business owner,

I need to have revenue in order to pay my bills and pay my payroll.

I also recognize that people will stay with you longer when they feel deeply connected to you and your mission.

So tell them and tell them often that mail email signature line is a great place to remind

them every day of what you stand for.

Recruiting and Retention is such a big part of what we do.

We at Home Care Sales have developed a recruiting and retention program and we invite you to check it out click below (In the description) and learn more about our recruiting and retention program so that you can continue to grow through retaining your top talent at your agency.

Thanks for joining me in this video.

We look forward to seeing you next time, and together we grow.


Retention. It’s a huge issue for everyone these days, but we’ve seen some agencies have much more success than others. For some it’s agency culture, for others it’s feeling valued, and of course, the grass always looks greener as the old adage says. Regardless of why… we have to put special focus on keeping our staff content.

We’ve compiled several Retention strategies in our Recruiting and Retention program. For less than $200, you can gain instant access. Go here to sign up.

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Thank you for all that you do to serve seniors!

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