One of the teams we have been asked to manage is behind this month. Have you ever found yourself more than halfway through the month and behind?

Here is how to catch up!

  • FOCUS – Now is the time to make sure you are focused on the “right accounts.”
      1. Run a report on your ranked referral sources for the trailing 12 mos. (this is a validation report – you most likely know this list. We use Trella health with our
        sales platform to run quick validation reports)
      2. Make sure your calendar is up to date with these accounts in cadence.
  • Email BLITZ – Take the email template from the RoadMap to Referrals Program and blitz all of your accounts and contacts to “prime the well.”
  • Sales call BLITZ – Go make in-person sales calls. Use your Sales education message of the week from the Roadmap to Referrals program and the TADA sales call structure.
  • Voicemail Blitz – Use the VM script from the Roadmap to Referrals program to follow up on the sales education message of the week.

3 Touches a week will gain you results!

Think that’s too much?

Many reps have shared with us I could NEVER touch my referral sources 3 x a week! They would be annoyed!

They will be if you do not have something of value and education to share with them!

That’s why it is SO important to plan out your week and month!

Our HCS Management does that for you – So you get the confidence that it will work for you just as it has worked for others!

A rep who is part of our management program came to open office hrs and said – I need to gather my thoughts because I know this will be hit them a hard week. We are behind, and I need to catch up to reach my goal. She shared with us her plan and asked some questions about how to best get to some old referral sources that have not referred in a while, and when she left us, she was PUMPED!

Did it work?

By the close of business today, she reported she got two referrals on the schedule for tomorrow!

It’s tough out there!

The competition is fierce!

Keep Serving Seniors

Together We Grow!


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