Last week was our family reunion on my mother-in-law’s side. My mother-in- law has eight brothers and sisters. She grew up on a farm in TN and was the 3rd from the youngest.

All of her siblings are 70+, and since I am the resident “senior care expert,” I spent most of my time explaining the different levels of care and advocating for my aunt to get a caregiver for my uncle so that she can have a “break”.

I was suggesting a PERS pendant for my other aunt, speaking to another aunt about hospice, and being witness to a discussion between uncles about purchasing medication from Canada because his prescription costs were too high.

Because you are a senior care expert, you have these conversations every day. Helping guide seniors to care options is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle! I asked each of them had their doctors talked to them about home health or home care.

Only 2 out of 8 had received home health. No one had heard about private pay in-home care from any of the medical professionals they see. This is not uncommon. Sad… but not uncommon.

Here is my take away for you from the weekend in NC with some of my favorite seniors (although do not tell them I called them “seniors”):

You are the Answer.

Without you educating your referral sources on how we help seniors in the home manage their disease processes, many family caregivers become exhausted and find themselves on the edge of a breakdown. Even worse, the senior may be all alone.

Every day you get the opportunity to impact more families’ lives with your AWESOME services.

How can you “clone” yourself so you can reach more referral sources? The Answer will surprise you ? Structure and Systems.

When you have a structure like Sales Process or a Sales System, the structure does the heavy lifting for you. You get to add your unique personality and scale your business.

As a young sales rep ? I fought structure. I thought it was more art than science. Today I know its more science than art (don’t get me wrong there still is some art!).

When you are confident in the words you say to a referral source ? words that have been tested and delivered 1,000s of referrals for other reps ? you have the skills to get those referrals without having to go through the painful trial and error process.

You know I love a good open-ended question, and just today I was reminded of one of my favorites…

“Who is staying on your mind when you go home?”

This Home Care Sales Trigger Question? has delivered me more referrals then I can count.

It speaks to the heart of the referral source and quickly identifies a patient or resident.

This is what you do. Serve. Offer a hand. Give people peace of mind.

I am so grateful for the seniors in my life and my family.

Educate. Ask for the referral. Identify patients / clients. Serve more Deeply.

Sales = Profound Service.

Finish the week strong!

Melanie Stover, OT

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales



PS: Want tested and proven words to say? 52 Wk Roadmap to Referrals has your phases, questions, and education to “trigger” the referrals who deserve your care!

Join us and get on the “Map”!