Communication problem

What happens when an expectation isn’t defined and written down? It can cost you thousands of dollars! If you don?t have your sales team members’ expectations written down, shared with them, and mutually understood, then this simple breakdown in communication can pave the way for your agency?s failure.

As a home care or hospice facility owner, you must have a clearly defined, written expectation of your salespeople. If you don’t have one, the odds are that “more” is your expectation. Whatever your census may be, “I want you to get more” is not an acceptable expectation. As a matter of fact, it guarantees that your salespeople will fail.

That rule applies to a company with a census of 20 or a company with a census of 2,000. Without a finish line, how will anyone win? And… Do you know what one of the key traits of a salesperson is??THEY WANT TO WIN!

If you are a home health care or hospice facility owner who has not clearly defined your sales goals, you are most likely going to experience (or may have already experienced) a great deal of turnover and frustration. You don’t want that. Your salespeople don’t want that.

So to keep it short, here?s some solid advice ? Set obtainable goals! Winners and losers often experience inertia in their sales. When they are up, they push harder. When they are down, they lose proverbial “oomph.”

Whether you are a home health care marketing manager or a hospice care agency owner, you should be their biggest supporter! That loud and proud mama that praises their kid at the game so obnoxiously and over the top, that everyone knows that parent loves their son or daughter.

So, if you have to release them to their next opportunity then do it knowing that you did your part to ensure their success. Give them the?tools,?training, support and obtainable goals. Then you can rest easy knowing that you are setting them up to win.

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