Last week I was training ten owners and Directors of Ops for a large Home Care Company that I have been training and consulting with for the past nine years. Every year we evolve their training, and this year has had payment changes woven into the fabric of the materials.

They are smart and passionate, and I love working with them.

I have been impressed by their quick comprehension of the payment changes for their colleagues in Skilled Nursing Facilities and the upcoming changes for Home Health.

I heard a story of one of their offices who finally got an audience with a Home Health. This Home Health previously didn?t ?get in-home care,? but the owner and the representative got an audience at a case conference and shared the message of how in-home caregivers could help. They positioned their agency as the answer to outcomes! The Director of Nursing requested the nurses and therapists to put this Home Care agency’s phone number in their cell phones right in the meeting so that when there was a patient who could benefit from in-home care, they could immediately call.

The result:

5 referrals in the first week!

This is a great example of business communication. When you speak the language of your referral sources, you are heard. You are patient/client-centered. I know this because you care enough to read our blogs and listen to our trainings ? you want to care for more people with your extraordinary service.

Today, it is not enough to be client-centered. You do NOT want to be the ?best-kept secret? in your area. You don?t want to be a secret AT ALL!

You have a desire to impact more lives. Do you know the best way to do that? Help your referral sources get what they want ? to thrive in this new landscape.

We need each other. At our Growth Summit in Vegas, we unveiled the Total Patient Care Delivery Model?. This model will deeply serve your referrals sources, your agency, and your patients/clients.

Just like the agency who was struggling to ?be heard? by the Home Health Agency at the beginning of this blog made the connection and received referrals…you can too!

How? Become knowledgeable about the payment changes. Understand how they will impact you (home health) or your referral sources if you are in-home care.

Home Health marketers: You MUST understand who are the high-value patients for referrals.

In-Home Care providers: You want to know this too ? because the same patients will become the clients you can support. When you know how to best support these 12 high-value patient types, you will be a great care partner. You will become a preferred provider.

There is an easy way to do this. Join us for an exclusive webinar ? PDGM for Marketers

Learn the language of PDGM. Discover the high-value patient types, understand how you will interact with your doctors to get the information you need to make a ?good? referral.

In-Home Care ? those of you who choose to upgrade your language and support your referral sources will elevate your position.

This is your time! We can help. Join us on our PDGM webinar for Marketers

Melanie Stover, OT

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales


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