Are You a
Home Health, Hospice or Home Care
Leader or Sales Person…

Who Would Love a Simple System on What it Truly Takes to Convert Referrals
and Serve Your Referral Sources at the Highest Level?

Finally! An Educational Based Sales Training for the Home Health, Hospice and Home Care Leaders and Sales People that Gets Your Services Out Into the World, Gets Your Referrals and (Most Importantly) is FUN!

You’re going to learn our secrets for creating your very own referral generating machine so you can grow a successful, sustainable, profitable business AND get your services out into the world to impact more families without feeling at all salesy!

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Take the 3 payment option: only 3 Payments of $697

From: Cheryl Peltekis and Melanie Stover

Dear Home Care, Home Health and Hospice Leaders and Salespeople,




You got in this business to:

  • Get your services to those who need your help in the home
  • Serve the frail, and elderly
  • Do your part to transform the world and leave it a better place

All Sounds Peachy, Doesn’t it?

The problem is, even though you LOVE what you do, you really DON’T love selling it. And most sales trainings teach, uncomfortable tactics that really feel salesy and inauthentic to you.

So, what do you do? Do you muddle through it on your own? Or do you join us at our LIVE “High Performance Sales Academy”. Let US personally walk you through our simple system on what it truly takes to convert referrals and serve your referral sources and families at the highest level!

This is for you if you’re:

  • Responsible for gaining referrals and it just seems like it is getting harder to gain access
  • Your agency is amazing but you struggle to differentiate it
  • You have too many competitors drowning out your voice
  • Exhausted from endless calls that are not getting you the referrals you deserve!
  • Frustrated spending too many days a year providing in-services and you’re finally ready to build a sustainable referral flow.
  • Wanting to get your hands on a proven system when it comes to building your business

If this sounds familiar, then our BRAND NEW “High Performance Sales Academy” for the Home Health, Hospice and In Home Care Leader and Sales Rep is PERFECT for you.

We are going to walk you through EXACTLY what We do to build a multi-million dollar agency PLUS these are the SAME systems and processes we have taught to HUNDREDS of our private mentorship students and they TOO have experienced BIG success with their agency.

We WANT this for you too — this really CAN be your reality

“Cheryl, thank you so much for putting together the online High Performance Sales Academy and Home Health Orientation! The videos did a great job of bringing the information home and the online format allowed me to pause at will and reflect on key points and strategize on how I could apply each individual point to my target territory. The downloadable slides and information sheets are also a great way to keep that information handy for quick reference. Thank you Cheryl for all you do!!!”

Ben Harp

CareAll Home Health

The High Performance Sales Academy is revolutionary in its approach!

It gives you immediate access to our on line virtual program so you can start
using the scripts, templates and videos right NOW!

Discover in this on line learning system:

  • Home Care Sales Simplified eBook
  • 5 Steps to High Performance Selling System
  • 7 Videos that explain the step-by-step the method to EXPLODE your referral rate
  • Monthly group coaching via video conferencing
  • 5 Step Sales Process Infographic
  • How to complete a sales call from beginning to end
  • Interact with out tribe via Private Facebook Group
  • Templates to keep you organized
  • Scripts that have produced 100’s of referrals
  • Learn the “House Rules” – the expectations your referral sources have of you
  • Get the back office pass – turn the gatekeeper into an advocate
  • Create your own Referral Roadmap
  • Develop your Unique Selling Points – The gifts that only your agency delivers!

This Academy is a online virtual program – COUPLED with a LIVE 3 Day Transformational Event!

At the “Live Event” – In just 3 days, you and I are going to create:

  • Your personal High Performance selling system
  • Your personal Referral Roadmap
  • Your personal Unique Selling Points
  • We are going to walk you through our simple system on what it truly takes to convert referrals and serve your referral sources at the highest level.

Now before I get into the specifics of what you will get from spending 3 days with us,
let me share with you what WON’T happen…

  • You won’t be at “just another event” where the host hands you a ppt book and wings it for 3 days. We’ve broken down everything we’ve done to help agencies gain referrals and laid it out in a systematized plan and we are sharing it with YOU so you can duplicate YOUR VERSION of our success and build a profitable and sustainable agency.
  • You won’t be listening to speaker after speaker after speaker. Now we WILL have a few guests who I’ve hand-selected because either they were an integral part of our success or because what they teach is so important I wanted to share them with you. If you’ve ever been to one of our events or have heard about them, you know 80% of the time We are the ones teaching, so you know you’re going to get a lot of US and a deep dive into our training.

So let’s get to the fun stuff and talk about what you ARE going to walk away with from Our High Performance Sales Academy

Here are just a few of the “Aha’s!” you’ll discover at this amazing event:

  • Get to the heart of the value of what you offer and the EXACT words to describe what you do. This is KEY to being able to establish your value and brand, your genius so you can help people in your service area
  • Once you know how to articulate your service/ blessing/ expertise/ unique programming, how do you build your agency around it? This is what We going to share with you — what you need to do to start gaining more referrals!
  • Now that you’ve started gaining more referrals with your expertise, how do you leverage it? Through Programs and Sales Focus! Saving you time and making a bigger difference!
  • Next you’re going to learn how to transform those referrals into a sustainable, scalable, generator. THIS is where the rubber meets the road — once you know this you’ll be on your way to building a successful, profitable agency. (And the BEST part is your successful, profitable agency will be built around your knowledge and expertise!)
  • Now it’s time for our favorite part — SELLING your services. There’s only so far your agency is going to go if you don’t how to SELL. And we know a little something about selling. We are going to teach you how to use your skills and your expertise, use the 5 Step High Performance Sales Process in a variety of selling situations and sell more than you ever dreamed possible.

LOTS of interaction AND time to work on your own agency WHILE YOU’RE HERE. We are NOT allowing you to go home, put your binder on a shelf and never look at it again. You are going to structure your personal game-plan while you’re here, so when you get home you can immediately move into taking MASSIVE ACTION

“For those of you who are giving consideration to joining Melanie and Cheryl at their upcoming High Performance Sales Academy in October or getting started now with their on line, I urge you to Sign up Now! I have worked with Melanie and Cheryl for several years and have always found what they are presenting very valuable and what they share really works. As an owner with little sales experience I have been able to support and manage my sales crew with confidence to reach our annual sales goals. I attend Home Care Sales conferences annually to stay up to date in the industry and always come back with a wealth of knowledge that we can apply.”

 Cindy McClung

Chief Executive Officer

So there are a lot of events going on, why should I pick yours?

Good question.

​First, because this isn’t just another “event.” This is a 3-day Intensive TRAINING. We PERSONALLY are going to be teaching you step-by-step what you need to know. This is NOT a pitch fest. You’re going to get US (A LOT of US).

Quite frankly, there is NOTHING else out there where you’re going to get this level of interaction and teaching for a price this low. What we’ve designed is on par with the $15,000 “closed door” trainings for small groups of people rather than a “typical” event.

So, are you ready to reserve your space?

Yes Cheryl and Melanie! I’m Ready To Attend Your High Performance Sales Academy for the Home Health, Hopsice and Home Care leader or sales rep and Make BIG IMPACT Doing What I Love!

I understand I’m going to get…

  • 3 days at your LIVE High Performance Sales Academy training where I will learn to gain more referrals through an industry specific sales system…without being salesy!
  • On line – Virtual Academy to help me prepare for the event and continue to provide me support for the next 12 mos
  • Bonus #1: Videos Getting past the gate keeper – how to gain more referrals from hospitalized pts or clients – What to do if you only have one shot at this sales call – templates and call scripts!
  • Bonus #2: Monthly Live Group Coaching and Q & A
  • Bonus #3: Private FB group to keep connections up in the group and ask questions!

Buy the Home Care Sales Academy NOW before it fills up!

Take the 3 payment option: only 3 Payments of $697

P.S. We understand we may not be your teachers. It DOES, matter to us that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and learn our exact structure for building referrals in an agency that you love.

P.P.S. After you register, make sure to keep a close eye on your email inbox for our super-hot hotel room rates. But you must act fast because the guest tickets and room rates are only available until they’re not!

Ready to reserve your spot?
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Reach out to Jason Lewallen at or 615-815-7907 to continue the discussion.  Do not let finances stop you!  We have payment plans to fit most budgets  – this is an investment in your future don’t let it pass you by!