Today, I spoke with one of our favorite clients, and she stated that she “bled white and red” (her Home Health and Hospice logo colors). I’ve learned something from being from the south and living in the SEC.

(no, that is not the security exchange committee as I MISTAKENLY thought when I met my husband. It’s THE South Eastern Conference – you know which includes the NEW NATIONAL CHAMPIONS – Roll Tide! – but I digress…)

You come to understand passionate “team players,” and this rep is undoubtedly one of those “team players.”

You know the type: Never REALLY off even though she is on PTO, willing to get consents signed at 9 pm, and the list goes on and on. She has been with this agency for 12 years, so the question is, can you “build” a Michelle?

YES, YOU CAN! And if you can build one – then you can repeat it!

Wouldn’t that be AWESOME! Retention system at its FINEST!


Having team members stay at your agency for 12+ years (nurses, therapists, aides, caregivers, and marketers) all getting to know one another and how to work together in a silent, beautiful dance… All that institutional knowledge makes me giddy as a business owner! I WANT MORE OF THAT!

Here is one of the steps you need to take to “build” a Michelle on your team:

Team Member Profile – do you have one?

Now you are asking me what a team member profile is?


Part 1: It’s all about your team member!

Do you know:

  1. Work activities that they do and give them energy
  2. Work activities that take energy
  3. Things they avoid


Part 2: What is their behavioral type or Personality

Do you know:

  1. What is their “work love language.”
  2. What does their personality “like” that is the key to stickiness!


Do you know the answers to these questions of your direct reports? If not, start now!

We just dropped this form in our resources section of our CAM experience – if you would like to be part of the CAM FAM, reach out and have a conversation!

Click here to fill out the application and see if it’s the right fit for you!

Serving Seniors Together!