I just got off the phone with a franchisor who was looking for help for her owners.

She said, “our owners are concerned with the “new world  COVID” and how it impacts Marketing.”

I shared we all are. This IS a new world!

I currently manage a team where each one of them has different levels of access in their territories. Each marketer has to navigate “No Access – only remote marketing to “parking lot sales calls” at the facilities to full “access” but only for “special” reps i.e., reps they “like.”

This is our new marketing reality for Home Health, In-Home Care, and Hospice.

Part remote marketing, part “Social distancing Sales Calls across a car hood,” ALL creativity, ALL the time!

This franchisor said you know the concern we hear the most is that our owners “just don’t like marketing or selling.”

I hear this all the time!

And here is what I say:

NO Marketing = NO Money

It is true! If you do not market – you will not get referrals. Then you WILL have no money. And I REALLY want you to have money. Because I know when you make money, you do REALLY good things in your community and plow it back into client care.

I know this to be true.

What is your mindset currently on? …marketing? …Sales?

Anything negative come up?

I bet it is because you fear rejection. NO one likes rejection. It’s hard to hear. It’s worse to “feel.”

I have 2 ways that I overcome the fear of rejection.

1. My Mission – is bigger than their “NO.”

My agency delivers the best care in my area.  I bet yours does too.  I want EVERYONE who deserves care to get it from my agency.  I bet you do too.  If I do not “market” that patient, client, or resident will get some other agencies’ care – or worse – NONE.  It is my MISSION to get everyone who deserves care – a referral – to my agency for the BEST care! MY MISSION IS BIGGER THEN THEIR “NO”

2. System.

You hear us say it all the time.  When you have a structure, you get FREEDOM!  When you know the words to say and the order to do the activity – YOU HAVE CONFIDENCE!  And now – you are not “afraid” to market – YOU ARE A CHAMPION!

This transitional COVID world needs you – MORE of you and your agency!

Together we are learning from each other. What is working and applying it weekly to our achieve program (want to learn more? Click here)

Together we also benchmark. Gain key performance indicators for the industry.


Our friends at Home Care Pulse are doing a COVID survey and would like your input.  Please take a moment to complete the survey and see how you stack up compared to your peers.

Click here for the survey

YOU GOT THIS! The world needs to hear from you!

Join us!

Together we GROW!