Have you ever had a perfect week? Not a vacation or a leisurely perfect week, but a perfect week at work. You know, where you get up Monday and you’ve already got several referrals going, the kids were giving hugs and kisses, and your teenage daughter wasn’t giving you the stink-eye because she missed her ride to school and wants you to make her lunch even though she’s the one that was late…deep breathes… (that was my morning BTW). I digress…

There is nothing like a perfect week. In our business, your perfect week is often crafted before the week even begins. In most sales it’s that way. Like a farmer, you have to plant seeds to harvest them later. Like a?traveler?you have to (in the proverbial sense) “make your reservations” to make sure you have adequate accommodations. Otherwise you are leaving quite a bit to chance. It’s all in the preparation.

If you are not prepared, it doesn’t mean that you will not be successful. It does reduce the odds that you will constantly achieve your goals. If you have been “good” without a plan here is your chance to be great. If you are not making the goals you want then the following few paragraphs are for you.

ACTION PLAN: Planning the perfect week

The first step to a perfect week is to lay out a plan. This part is only hard the first time you do it. Then it generally goes on cruise control. Look at how I do it.

1. Who are my top referral sources?

This should be at the top of your mind all the time. You should have your top 15-20 referral sources (at least) written down so you can keep track of how much and how often they are referring on any given week.

2. Where do I go?

Each one of your referral sources has some place that you meet them, right? So when you get that top 15-20 list, group them in similar locations and try to assemble your plan. Sure there are certain accounts you can only see at certain times, but try to plot your week around that. It will maximize your time.

3. What do I do?

Here is where growth can really take off. If you only make 15-20 stops, you’re not going to knock it out of the park. Let’s face it, that’s 2 hrs per stop in a 40 hr work week. Plan your core visits in your 15-20 list. Next you’ll want to be prospecting and qualifying your accounts. (this is Step: 1 of our 5 Step High Performance Sales Process). Make sure you should be spending your time at your accounts. If not, take them off the list and start prospecting. You should be spending about 10% of your week prospecting.

4. What do I say?

Okay, we have a solution for that (which I will get to in a moment) but first, I’d like to lay out the basics. Pay very close attention to these next words.

Most of your referral sources don’t know when to refer for your services

They may understand what you do and how you offer it. For our Medicare Home Health friends…they may even bill for the care you offer! However, until they know which patients need care from their office or facility and at what time, they are just relying on what they know.

Do you think they know more than you?

The trick here is to take a diagnosis specific patient type and help them to understand WHY that patient needs care and HOW to tell if they are right for your services. HOW and WHY. What does it actually look like when a patient needs your care? Can you give them some obvious signs?

For instance (and I’ll keep this super simple)…

Hello Office Manager Sally Smith at Dr. Refers-a-lot’s office!

Have you seen any patients this week that…

…have been missing their appointments?

This speaks do your Doctor’s revenue directly. For a physician or office manager that is motivated by money, this can be a great door opener.

…have vision issues and are on several medications?
How many potentially harmful pills (if taken incorrectly) look exactly like a medication that is relatively harmless to someone who cannot see well? This is a huge opportunity to help for both Medical and non-medical alike as these patients are at serious risk! With your help, they don’t need to be.

…are showing new bruises or have recently had a non-hospitalized fall?
This one is as simple as they come. If you have to ask, “What happened to your arm” or make a comment like “It looks like you are struggling to get around more than last week” then something could be amiss in the home or they could be an obvious candidate for physical therapy. No patient needs to experience a life altering fall when it could be prevented through the care our agency provide.

See how easy that is? Make it easy on yourself and plan one thing to talk about with your referral sources all week. That is (here it comes) exactly what our 52 Week Roadmap to Referrals?does for your agency. It’s this entire step only provided for you with a monthly training and specific handouts customized for your agency by our graphic design team. This program has created thousands of referral opportunities for agencies across the country. You should check it out by emailing me for a free demo at jason@homecaresales.com

Now – back to it…

5. Follow up!

One of the most common mistakes salespeople make is to not follow up. They get a referral and come back the next week asking for another, but not really offering meaningful feedback or sharing the successes of the referral they just received last week.

Think about it: If you were to refer a patient and the rep came back the following week to get another referral, you may not be as excited to refer to them. (get ready for your ah ha moment here…) If you follow up and share the good work and the basics of the services you will provide and how it’s going to impact their patients life…AND let them know that they – the referral source – is the reason that patient will get these benefits, then they will feel good. They should feel amazing!

They just referred to you for their patient and because of their selfless act, this patient’s life should get better. It should feel amazing because it is. It’s not a transaction or a signature/orders/a referral…it is a patient. That patient should have a better life now that they can get some help at home.

If that doesn’t feel good, I don’t know what does.

Now is your chance to use this week to set up the perfect week! Take the time to set up your plan and execute. Each week can be a perfect week if you simply take time to adhere to a structure that works. If you need help with this for your sales team, let’s hop on a call. I’m always glad to help.?
Have a great week!

– Jason

About the Author:

Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Business Development

for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:

Email: jason@homecaresales.com

Phone: 615.815.7907


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