How many of you would love to grow by 90%?

Sounds great right? How many of you are willing to work 90% harder to make it happen?

Now I bet that yes has quickly been replaced with a resounding NO!

Why? Well maybe first off, you are already giving 110% of yourself at work.

I know how much work it takes to run an in-home care company. I know the number of tasks that need to be completed at a home health agency. Hospice organizations are always dealing with life and death situations. I get it!

In fact, I own all 3 of these businesses myself! You can’t find a second to work on growth tactics and strategies. Now, what if I told you to hire a salesperson to work on growing your company?

These are the typical responses that I hear:

    • I tried that and it didn’t work, my private duty company didn’t grow.
    • I can’t afford to hire a sales representative; I can barely pay my bills.
    • They won’t be successful in this market, we have too many home health agencies here!
    • I don’t trust them. All hospice reps do is go out and have fun with their accounts.
    • I can’t stand managing salespeople, it’s like trying to catch a rooster!
    • I don’t have the time to hire, train, and manage sales representatives.


Let’s review these. First…


I tried that, and it didn’t work

Man, that has to really suck. You just spent all that time interviewing, hiring them, getting them business cards, and making up some flyers. That cost time and money and then they didn’t bring in business.

This is the worst thing that can happen to an owner of a home care, home health, or hospice organization. It makes me so mad when this happens!

But, now let’s look at why this occurred:

    • Did you hire a sales representative that had a previous track record of sales performance?
    • Did your organization have a structured proven sales process to follow?
    • Did you provide an amazing orientation that the sales representative was able to develop an emotional connection to your services (hospice, home care, or home health), that they could transcend that emotion into their sales calls?
    • Did you have clearly documented expectations of daily, weekly, and monthly sales calls?
    • How many hours each week did you tell them to spend on just seeking out new business?
    • How many hours each week did you ask them to spend providing customer service and follow up with accounts that already refer to your organization?

Considering these questions, do you know why it didn’t work? Bad hire? Not a salesperson? Lazy? No accountability?


So what if it worked?


Imagine that, in the first month, they got 3 new accounts that all referred one ideal patient and each patient brought in $3000.

What if next month, they got 3 more new accounts, and the accounts that referred last month referred again? What if that keeps happening again for the next 4 months? Let’s look at 6 months of receiving referrals.

    • One month = $9000
    • Second month = $18,000
    • 3rd = $27,000
    • 4th = 36,000
    • 5th = $45,000
    • 6th = $54,000

Total Revenue bought in = $189,000 in 6 months

Even if the sales representative took a full 6 months to get going, you would still have covered the sales reps cost while putting some money in your pocket!

Now next year, that would double. You would have $400,000 dollars in revenue from this sales representative, and I will share with you that this is extremely achievable for most sales representatives.

Is it worth it?

What if you didn’t have to worry about orientation? What if you had all the tools given to you that you need to manage a sales representative in less than 2 hours a month of your time? What if your sales representative that you hired, had a clearly defined expectations document, an incredible orientation, an excellent sales process that works in today’s market, and that sales representative had access to the industries leading sales experts to get any challenges they face answered?


Let’s move on to this one…


I can’t afford to hire a sales representative. I can barely pay my bills!

Sounds like you are undercapitalized in your business. You won’t be able to be successful without growing your revenue. You might have to be tasked with selling yourself.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but not all of us were meant to be salespeople. Not all of us have an MBA or have had formalized sales training. Don’t worry I will share with you how to get what you need to grow your revenue. Hold on, it is coming soon.


Let’s move on to…


They won’t be successful in this market

OMG! If I had a dollar for every time that I heard that I would be a billionaire! We have worked in almost every state in the country and I will share with you, 88% of the agencies that we have worked with have been able to grow. Yes, 12% didn’t. That means for 100 organizations around the country that have tried and used our products, that 88 of those organizations grew. The average growth rate is 34%. Ask us if we have had a client that we have worked within your market, we can surely give you a reference in your state!





I don’t trust them

The good news is, you don’t have to. If you have clear expectations on total sales calls, the type of sales calls, and a means for them to report weekly activity with sales calls, then you don’t have to trust them. All you have to do is measure key performance indicators. Data doesn’t lie and doesn’t have an agenda. Data is just pure facts.

If you get more referrals and/or more phone inquiries then they must be out there doing something. We can provide you with a key metrics document to help. Sharing this document with a salesperson and the intake staff will have everyone working on growth, and the results are shown to them each week. It’s easy and what you measure, matters!


Now, the last 2 objections to having a sales representative can be grouped together…


I can’t stand managing salespeople, it’s like trying to catch a rooster

– and –

I don’t have the time to hire, train, and manage sales representatives


Let me ask you this question… Do you think that the CEO at your competition has more hours in a day to work on their business?

Does their workday have more than 24 hours? No!


What then is the cause of the top 5 agencies in town that aren’t owned by the hospital? How did they get to be on top in your market? Did you look to see if they all have something in common? I guarantee you that they most likely have a sales representative, if not a full team of sales representatives.

Not one of those companies has more hours in their day or has the time or energy to have management constantly chasing referrals and neither do you! That is why I want to share the solutions with you today.

You see, Home Care Sales is on a mission. We want every person who needs help at home to be identified by their physician or another senior advocate to get the services they want and need!

We have everything you will ever need to hire, train, manage, and document key performance measures as well as ongoing coaching and support!

We can even manage your sales team for you!


That’s right, we can put them on a CRM, orient them, give them proper training and follow up with them to make sure they are hitting your metrics so you can focus on the other areas of your business.

It’s easy to find out more with a free consultation with Mike by going here and choosing a time that works:


Have an amazing day!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales