Are you seeing an increase in referrals? You may be doing it wrong…

If 2020 were a yogurt, it would be rotten trout flavored. It’s been one crazy thing after another and for many liaisons/marketers, it’s become increasingly hard to get referrals hospital referrals.

That should come as no surprise, as the hospitals and many of the Skilled Nursing Facilities are still on lockdown six months since this pandemic started.

For many seasoned marketers whose “bread and butter” is their hospital relationships, the issue is not that they don’t have the skill to get referrals, but that they don’t have the access to their referral sources to use those skills.

Then there is the flip-side. Many markets are seeing a huge uptick in referrals. Many marketers are smashing their numbers. Why? Because they knew they were going to have to leave their comfort zone, and they did.

What was an in-person, impromptu visit, is now a phone call, email, or text. What was an in-service lunch is now a social-distanced one-on-one meeting across a car or in a coffee shop. The way we did things in 2019 may not work in 2020 – And that’s okay.

It’s not time to obsess over the problem. Let your competitors get caught up in all the ways they are unable to get referrals! You need to focus on what will work TODAY.

Here is what we know:

Your referral sources are more open to phone calls, text, and email now than ever before. What used to be a frowned upon method for sales outreach, is now expected. Well, they expect to get calls from reps…you have an opportunity to do something unexpected that can increase your referrals over 5x what you are getting now.

It’s time to provide them with the tools they need to identify potential patients for your services and elevate the conversation from “hey, you got anyone I can take care of?” – to – “Which client have you seen this week who is unable to manage their diabetes?”

By providing them a reason to refer, you increase the likelihood that they will. This doesn’t mean that the classic, un-inspired sales pitches are going to drive referrals. Instead, we need to help marry the great service they provide with the needs we meet with our agencies though diagnosis-specific education.

Here is what most sales reps have said in the past:

Home Health:
Do you have any homebound patients who need a [insert your choice of – SN, PT, OT, ST] that currently have Medicare? (hitting close to home, huh?)

In-Home Care (non-medical):
Do you have any patients who are struggling with [insert your choice of – bathing, dressing, grooming, meal prep, toileting, transportation]?

Do you have any patients that are going to die in the next 6 months? (Blunt, but fair)
These are just sharing the functions that you do. When re-framed in the outlook of a diagnosis, they look entirely different.

Don’t say: “Do you have any patients struggling with transportation?”

Instead say: “Which of your COPD patients are missing visits due to their lack of energy?”

Of course, we would preface this by telling them about the in-home struggles with the COPD diagnosis and sharing how our services would benefit a COPD patient. This question simply shows the difference in approach.

You have to ask yourself: Are you telling them the same broken record message as your competitors or are you bringing them valuable insights that can improve the lives of their patients?

We know that many agencies have struggled to marry clinical knowledge with the ability to go out in the field and market. I’m sure your clinical staff has told you that they could go out and market anytime they want, but when they do make that transition, most fail in a very epic way.

That is why we developed a program that can take non-clinical marketers and quickly give them the tools and knowledge to sell via diagnosis. If you’d like to learn more, go here:


– Jason


About the Author:
Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Marketing
for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:
Phone: 615.815.7907

My Home Care Rates are some of the highest in my territory – How do I sell against lower-cost competitors?

This week during coaching, one of our members posed this question. It’s a question we often get in-home care marketing.

“How do you “compete” when your rates are higher than other Home Care Agencies?”

The Answer:

You don’t have a pricing problem.

You have a positioning problem.

My example to reps when they say “Oh I lost that case because we were uncut in our price” is

Tiffany’s sells a paperclip for $165. $45 more if you would like to add your initials.

For $210, you could have 1 paperclip.

Why would someone buy that?
Because Tiffany’s positions themselves well. They are a luxury brand.

Does a Tiffany’s paperclip “do” its job better than a “Staples” paperclip?

The Staples paperclip costs $.0179 per paperclip.

Would you pay $209.98 more for a Tiffany’s paperclip?

People do.

Tiffany’s has created brand value in such a way some customers are willing to pay a premium to obtain that value in a product that “does exactly the same thing” for $209.98 less.

The paperclips: They do the same thing. Hold paper.

Home Care agencies. Referral sources and potential clients see us as “all the same,” but we are not!

Your job as a marketer is to POSITION your agency with great value so that you do not have to compete on “price.”

When you lose a case on “price,” you have failed at creating value in your prospect or referral sources mind?

Here is the good news!

This is entirely within your control!

When you learn these 3 keys, the sky is the limit for you!

How to position yourself so you do not have to “compete on price.”

1. Differentiate – What makes you different? This usually falls into 3 buckets.

    • The leadership / Owner
    • The Agency
    • The Rep/ Team

On the surface this is not easy – we have several formulas inside the lessons on differentiating in our High-Performance Sales Academy, and our Achieve training programs to make it EASY for you to craft.  The key is to start thinking, ‘Why would someone choose us over another agency?” That will get you on the right track!

2. Clarity – Can you articulate what makes you different in 1 or 2 sentences – Nail it!

3. Credibility – How do you show you are credible?

    • Best of Home Care Award from Home Care Pulse
    • Nurse owned (Nursing continues to be one of the most trusted profession)
    • Years of service and experience

Use these 3 keys to position you and your agency as the Agency of Choice!

One that is HIGH VALUE!

We know you are WORTH IT!


The Question from an owner: “I need to select a consultant to help me grow my business. What should I look for when selecting who can help us grow?”

The Question from an owner: 

“I need to select a consultant to help me grow my business. What should I look for when selecting who can help us grow?” 


You need someone who is at the helm of driving business right now through the COVID pandemic, someone who has a proven track record of over 25 years of experience, with results to back it.

You cannot afford to hire the wrong person. There are so many consultants out there that ask for your trust, and they share with you, their success story. Something like: “I opened up my private duty agency and grew it to a million dollars when I sold it,” or “I worked as a salesperson and I was so good they gave me shares in the business.”  So NOQ they owned the company.

Years ago, I used consultants just like that. I found that they had old, recycled tactics that did not work in my market. Both consultants that I worked with were one-hit wonders. When they owned their own agency, they landed one good account that grew their revenue and moved on.  That is great for them, but if the one account type that they know how to get referrals from is not gonna work for my organization, then I just threw away my money.

You need to ask the consultant you are thinking about hiring to tell you what are the top account types that you should go after.  Ask them to share with you a strategy for getting referrals from hospitals, SNF/rehabs, and how to break into physician offices and ALF facilities.  Partnering with other companies’ sales representatives will not work in this COVID period.  You need someone who has created multiple strategies in just the last 6 months and knows how to navigate your administration through such challenging times.  You need to look no further than HOMECARESALES.COM.


You get 2 experts that know the 5 Pillars of Success to grow any post-acute care facility.

5 PIllars: 

One:  Business Development

Two:  Leadership

Three:  Recruiting and Retention

Four:  Finances

Five:  Operations/Clinical

First, let us look at Melanie Stover.

She is one smart lady with 2 Master’s Degree’s to prove it! Melanie started in home health as an occupational therapist and she has over 25 years of experience growing private duty, home health, and hospice organizations.

In just the last 6 months, Melanie co-created new programs to continue to support organizations through the coronavirus pandemic that allowed our clients to continue to hit monthly revenue goals. Melanie continues to manage sales teams throughout the US, so she knows what is working right now.

She has trained and hired thousands of successful high performing sales associates. She has written several best sellers and has spoken on most stages around the country teaching successful sales tactics.


Next, Let me introduce myself: Cheryl Peltekis, RN, also known as “The Solutionist”

I own and operate a home health, private duty, and hospice organization.  My first company opened in 1995. I have been responsible for all 5 Pillars of Success for all service lines in an extremely competitive market. We are JACHO Accredited since 1996 and 5-Star rated. An expert at Post-Acute Care collaboratives and working closely with hospital systems.  I also understand contracting and operational success working with Managed Care and Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage plans (plus ACOs).  I’m a 2-time international best-selling author and international speaker. Even now, I still do sales calls and manage sales teams throughout the country.

Back to the “Consulting” question:

I told the owner of the agency (who was asking me why they should trust Home Care Sales) the non-sugar-coated truth. No one in the industry today has the depth of Home Care Sales.

We are the real deal. We are committed to continually supporting organizations and our commitment comes from sheer joy in getting people the care they deserve and so desperately need.

We are committed to creating programs that bring lonely seniors a better quality of life. We use our programs with the teams that we manage every day. We give our programs an immediate facelift as laws change or access to accounts change as evidenced by how quickly we pivoted to our inside sales process due to lack of access to our accounts because of the Corona Virus. We are not the one account hit wonder. We are the navigators to work with ALL ACCOUNT TYPES.  You bring us your problem, and we will deliver a solution.

The good news is, the client went with us. They joined our Mastermind group at a monthly rate that was less then what they were paying someone else for just sales sheets and some cheesy sales tactics.

The client has been with us for her second year in our mastermind group. She has since opened another business line, broken into hospital systems, learned how to become an organization that is performing at a 5-star level, and is now participating in a post-acute care collaborative. She has a sales team of successful liaisons who have removed the risk of losing that one account that gives them all the business and are now experiencing a flow of referrals from various account types.

You too could be part of our Mastermind group! Go to to learn more about this amazing opportunity for the right business owner.  Our admittance to the mastermind group isn’t based on your company’s revenue, but on your ability as an owner to succeed and contribute to the group. We want you to help other mastermind members also achieve great success as they help you navigate to your success as well. We would love to have you meet with us to see if you’re a good fit.


Why NOW is not the time to give up on your sales team

For some agencies we work with, it’s been a struggle to gain referrals and grow during this pandemic. For others, they are seeing a sizable increase in referrals. What is the difference?

The Culture and the Message


Right now people are scared. Sales reps have to find alternative ways to reach referral sources.

Here are some things that are working:

  • Phone Outreach with a Message
  • Email Outreach with a Message
  • Personal videos shared via mobile devices, email and social media
  • Clever “snail mail” campaigns
  • Setting Meetings “over-the-hood” of a vehicle
  • Zoom/Facetime Meetings

The key here is that you are direct in your approach, bringing both education and value to your connections. If these referral sources saw 50 reps a week during non-pandemic times, then they are most likely receiving 50 calls. That doesn’t mean you should call. It means you should call with a message.

The message can be simple or complex. You can simply help them identify patients that are at risk and could use your help or you can get into the specific ways you can take care of their diagnosis-specific patients.

You can almost guarantee that most salespeople, business owners, and other outreach folks are calling just to see if your physician’s offices and other referral sources will give them a referral. That actually sends a message too. The message is that YOU want YOUR quota of referrals reached and YOU would like them to help YOU reach it. There is nothing in it for your referral sources.

This is where Culture comes in. Your sales team should not have a “culture” of just hitting the number. You should have a culture of getting patients served. You should believe that every patient who comes under your care gets to live a better life because you stepped up and helped them get identified.

This means that you aren’t calling to schmooze, charm, beg, or influence a referral. You instead go with purpose. You don’t want to entertain the thought that seniors are living at-risk because you didn’t help provide the education to your referral sources to help identify the needs that your agency serves.

You can represent years of happy memories with a loved one that would have been stolen away if you had not provided them with the care they needed at home. You represent holidays spent with family that a fall would have made impossible. You represent the hope that aging doesn’t have to be a horrible experience, with a little help.

To encourage that culture, you need to celebrate new referrals. You need to get the entire company in on successes and make sure that your team is committed to making new referral sources feel the highest level of customer service. That can only be done if you work to keep your agency from being heavily divided between your operations and your sales team. That can also be further fostered through improved communication company-wide.

If you don’t have a Message, we can help.


Our 52 Week Roadmap of Referrals gives your team a script to follow, education about specific diagnosis (even if they are not clinical and you are non-medical), and personalized handouts for you to print and use to grow your business.

We also have a remote marketing program called our High Performance Inside Sales Program that can help you to know HOW to reach these referral sources. If your team is struggling to gain access to accounts, this program is only $65 to gain access.

If you don’t have the Culture that gives your sales team purpose BEYOND just receiving referrals, then take a minute to realize something the can change your entire outlook during these COVID-19, trying times. In many cases, YOU ARE THE SOLUTION to many seniors contracting the Corona Virus.

Seniors should not be in the hospital. They should not be at a physician’s office. They are the most at-risk demographic of our population right now. We have the ability to help them stay safe, comfortable, and happy at home. When our referral sources understand that message, then the floodgates of new referrals from seniors who NEED us will open.

– Jason


About the Author:
Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Marketing
for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:
Phone: 615.815.7907

Telehealth Challenges Continue as The Pandemic Rages On

While telehealth services were booming in the early days of the COVID pandemic, there are signs that interest in telemedicine may be waning. I believe that the cause is that the most vulnerable senior population does not have access to the technology to have a billable virtual visit. 

This opens a great new opportunity for providers to partner with physician offices to solve this problem.  Here is a look at recent coverage of telemedicine from Today’s Hospitalist Magazine.

Fewer patient visits to the Physician’s Office?

While many industry experts predicted that the embrace of telemedicine seen during the pandemic would continue once Corona Virus had subsided, there are signs that the use of telemedicine has already started to decline.

An article in STAT says that during the week of June 14, telemedicine was used for 8% of the number of visits that would have occurred before the pandemic. In April, the number was nearly 14%. The article says that the decline in telemedicine visits could be due to difficulties getting patients—particularly the elderly—to use technology and due to a lack of technical resources in smaller groups.

The report notes that groups with 100-plus providers shifted almost 16% of their pre-pandemic volumes to telemedicine, compared to 8% for groups with five or fewer clinicians. Telemedicine challenges provide the post-acute world providers with opportunities to help physician offices by offering to go to their elderly patients’ homes and contribute to providing the technology or the support to the seniors and allowing the seniors to get access to needed health care experts from the comfort of their homes.

Have you reached out to the doctor’s offices in your service area? 

Maybe this is a way to get introduced to new potential patients? Could the doctors’ offices become one of our clients?  Could they pay us to go into the patients’ homes and support the seniors with using these services? I will share with you several of our clients have been able to build their census by providing this service.

Insurance Companies are scaling back coverage for telehealth

report in Becker’s Hospital Review says that some payers are scaling back their telehealth coverage. The report notes that some Arizona insurers had begun to decrease telehealth coverage, but as hospital ICUs in the state have filled with COVID patients, they have restored telehealth coverage. 

You will need to make sure that you stay up to date with what is happening with each insurance company so you can support the physician’s offices appropriately.  See if you can find a list service that you can sign up for updates for the payers in your territory.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, for example, is scaling back its telehealth coverage at the end of August, and Aetna began charging patients co-pays and cost-sharing for telehealth visits in early June.

Reported Fraud in telehealth

Another report from Becker’s notes that Medicare administrator Seema Verma noted in an interview with Business Insider that the CMS is investigating fraudulent charges for telehealth services. She noted that some providers are billing for “more visits than are humanly possible in a day.”  All of this leads us to wonder what will happen next.  Keep your eyes and ears open!

Finally: Physician’s Resistance Is a Reality

Many doctor like the good old fashion in-person physical encounter. They like to do a complete physical assessment with their own eyes and ears. Many diseases can be diagnosed and treated by just asking questions and interviewing a patient can be immensely powerful. However, many mistakes can also happen without the hands-on assessment of a skillfully trained physician.

If we can find a way to bring both into a senior’s home, we will hit a home run. Many providers are using remote patient monitoring equipment to help the physician with vital signs and others are using a nurse to report assessment findings to support the physician.

What can you do to make Telemedicine a success? We would love for you to share success stories with us so we can share it with our loyal listeners. Email ideas to


Thank you in advance for all that you do to change lives every day!


What is the Difference: Two 52 Week Marketing Programs for Home Care and Hospice

What is the difference between Achieve and Roadmap?

One of the smartest people I know asked me today what was the difference between Achieve and Roadmap to Referrals if they both had 52wks in them?

That is a GREAT question and its an excellent lesson in CLARITY!

How often have we described our services and a referral source doesn’t understand the difference between Home Health and In-Home Care?

Or the difference between OT and PT?

We think we do a great job of sharing, but when it is so close to us – and WE understand it – doesn’t mean that the audience we are speaking to understands it.

The intention of creating these two programs is that they can stand alone or combine them and get a whole new level of competency and proficiency! Mad skills that deliver results!


Achieve: Be a ninja-level Home Care Sales Marketer by sharpening your sales skills each week. Week over the week. Month over month. It is like having us at your sales meeting each week to kick off the week!

52 Wk. RoadMap of Referrals: DONE FOR YOU sales system that delivers high-value referrals by focusing on specific diagnoses and patient types. Giving you the words to say to “Trigger” a referral. Weekly sales messages are created for you with custom handouts for your agency.

Interaction with HCS:

Achieve: Private group where you can ask questions, get answers from other marketers and HCS staff along with support and community.

Roadmap of Referrals: Monthly live training via zoom to discuss the patient types for the month, hear live role play with Melanie and Cheryl, and have the opportunity to listen to and see your peers’ role-play a specific patient type in accounts.


Achieve: Weekly lessons are released into our Home Care Sales Pro – online learning system where you can watch them on demand and an exercise tool to customize it to your agency.

52 weeks – Roadmap of referrals: It offers you the opportunity to have a weekly sales message that is specific to targeting a “high value” patient or client.

Both programs have a place in your agency!

At two different price points, there is something for everyone!

Are you interested in hearing about the special bundle to make your agency “Pro” level?
Email and tell him how many marketers you have, and he will put together a deal for you!

Time to UPGRADE!



P.S. Yes, I have been playing Roblox, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft with my seven-year-old twins – I think it’s rubbing off on me!

Pandemic Leaves More Seniors Desperate for Attention

Just this past week I went out to breakfast at the Jersey Shore where outside dining is the only option. My family and I were seated next to 2 elderly women who were speaking quite loudly so that I (and really anyone within the dining area) could hear their conversation. I was not necessarily eavesdropping but I was fascinated and eventually joined in their conversation.

They shared that they were friends for several years. They had met each other at the local senior center. They shared that they were both widows and had health issues that placed them in the extremely high-risk group for contacting Corona Virus and that today was their first time seeing each other for 4 months.

I asked them how the virus is impacting them and their friends.

This is what they shared with me:

  • Senior Centers Closed
  • Both live in ALF’s and no social gatherings including no group meals
  • All Groups and Volunteer opportunities canceled
  • Physicians do not want to see them because of the risk of exposure
  • No transportation from the ALF to shopping
  • No Family visiting because they are fearful to bring the virus to their loved ones

This is their new reality. I asked the ladies, what would they like to feel supported? They both said they would love for someone to help them with virtual health care. They do not have a computer or smartphone and that makes accessing health care a challenge.

They also would love to have at least more frequent telephone interaction with humans. They are lonely and feel depressed and have nothing to look forward too. They also said they would love to have an opportunity to do something to make a difference. They both volunteered about 20 hours a week before the pandemic and that gave them a sense of purpose.

I shared a cool resource I just came across called Telephone Topics. Telephone Topics is a call-in program featuring group discussions, lectures, meditation classes, and live performances — for seniors now confined at home and at risk of social isolation.

The entire encounter got me thinking, “how many of our clients could really take a stance and do something for the good of their communities, and as a side effect, get some new clients?

Imagine if you had a Telephone Topics call for all your current or past patients? Set up a conference call line, grab some content, and invite your audience, and you will be bringing smiles to many seniors who are yearning for social connections. 

During your telephone topics, offer support to help with telemedicine visits, grocery ordering, or grocery shopping and delivery.

This is your time to shine.  To make a difference!  You can even find, someone like these two lovely ladies who are desperate for an opportunity to volunteer to help make the calls to invite attendees to your Telephone Topics calls!

Home Care Sales is currently working on a Telephone Topics program specific to our industry.  We provide the topics and the content, as well as an email script explaining about the program. 

It should be ready in the next few weeks. We are offering a presale of the program, which will include a minimum of 10 call topics, with how-to guide.  Presale price is only $249.00.  Guaranteed delivery by 8/10/2020. 

Think of this product, as what you would present at a senior housing class or senior center health talk. We provide the topic and content, and of course, a call to action to get someone your services!

You don’t want to miss out on this special pricing! Go HERE and lock it in now!

BONUS: We have 4 options for a name for this program and we need your help to name it. Head over to our Facebook page and help us choose!

The best things from other owners and executives that I have learned during this COVID time are…


As I look back on these past five months of COVID response and now to the future of our “new normal,” I am so grateful for our Mastermind group.

As the eye of the storm, COVID hit all of us. They were generous with their support of each other.

We shared communications with staff, so other owners and executives didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” When one member “got something that worked,” they immediately shared it.

When one Mastermind member struggled to gain PPE – another shared all the resources and ways they were able to obtain free PPE in their area – Great news!  The member who struggled to find PPE was able to use the other owner’s support to get free PPE for his agency.

When like-minded abundant owners and executives come together, magic happens!

The marketing teams were “Locked” out very quickly. We knew we had to create a new sales process FAST.  Inside Sales Remote Marketing took shape, and we launched it to our mastermind group. As mastermind members, the owners and executives have access to our sales training programs for all their team members. Inside Sales – Remote marketing was crucial to the success of the agencies. The mastermind members reported a dip in admissions and hours in the early days of COVID. Today I am proud to tell you all of the mastermind members are above pre-COVID referrals.

This team of dedicated owners and executives showed up for each other and themselves.


As an owner of an agency, it can be lonely. You wish there was someone who could understand your frustration. There is a place where we all speak the same language – The Mastermind.

You are not alone.

We’ve got your back.


Many of you have been in business for several years and have “been there done that.”

You know many of the mistakes “not to make” because you “made them.” Imagine sharing that wisdom with another owner or executive who could benefit from your hard-earned lessons. The contribution is what gives this group the depth of knowledge and understanding.


Together with all the AWESOME knowledge in the group, you can compress time. Which means you can accomplish in one year – what would have taken you 3-5 years on your own through trial and error.


Freedom to have the agency of your dreams


More Seniors

Your Lifestyle

Your Income

We can do this together.

Cheryl and I invite you during this time of “social distancing” to join us.

Virtual Mastermind

This program is by application only.

Please click here to see if you are the right fit.

Here’s to your Freedom!

Melanie & Cheryl


How Long Does It Typically Take to Get My First Referral From a Brand New Account?

Many owners of organizations will reach out to me and ask the exact question. They all want to know how long it takes to get that first referral in the door. So instead of just making up a number or taking that number from someone else’s article, I decided to study the data from sales representatives that I had managed over the years.

Many of the sales representatives have used a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and because of a great working relationship with Playmaker Health, I was able to work with many of their clients. 

This gave me access to over 100 sales representative’s data, which included their calendars and completed sales calls to each account. I was able to study the data and by sorting the account types into the following segments, could get some unbelievably valuable information from the data. 

Keep in mind, this was data from brand new accounts that had never referred to the agency that I was tracking. The segmented account types were the following:

  • Hospital Systems
  • SNF/Rehab Centers
  • Physician Offices

When I looked at the data to see how long it took to get the first referral I was surprised. 

Hospitals took the longest to give their first referral, the average was one year and 50 sales contacts to build that relationship. 

SNF/Rehab Centers took 26 sales calls on average and 6 months of time to finally get that first referral. 

Physician offices/Clinics had the shortest close rate. 

The average was 6.5 weeks and between 5 and 8 sales calls.

At the end of one year of working these accounts the average number of referrals by the account types:

  • Hospital System:  0 (ZERO)
  • SNF/Rehab Centers:  27
  • Physician Offices:  9

By the end of year two of working the same account types

  • Hospital System:  86
  • SNF/Rehab Centers:  43
  • Physician Offices:  13.5

During the first year, your rehab facilities will probably be your A accounts. But by the second year, your Rehab Center accounts are bumped down because the hospital account finally starts referring. I have seen this happen repeatedly and like I said earlier, data does not lie. Invest the time to see the hospital accounts.

Many sales reps will tell their owners it is not worth visiting a hospital system because they have their own home health and private duty providers. However, if you look at market share data, you will find that the hospitals typically only serve about 50% of the patients that are discharged with their own service lines. That leaves the other 50% to go to the providers that have put in the time.

Last week I told you I would give you an account list. You can download it here

Now, tomorrow, our Mastermind Members are having a special presentation “The Secret Confessions of a Hospital Executive – How to fast track yourself in the hospital!”  We are bringing them an expert that has over 43 years’ experience and she managed Home Care/Hospice division of the 2nd largest hospital company in the country for 6 years.

If you would like to learn more about how to join our Mastermind Group, go to  We would love to see if you would be a good fit. Have a great day!


This Virus is ANNOYING, and BORING said my …

This Virus is ANNOYING, and BORING said my oldest of my 7-year-old twins (by 12 minutes) Donnie. Mom, I am TIRED of hearing you talk about Home Health EVERY day, and it is boring!


You spend too much time outside my home office listening to me coach (his bedroom is next to my “home office) HOME HEALTH NOT BORING!

Ok – Yes – The virus IS ANNOYING, and it is BORING staying home for 4 months when you are 7 years old.

…BUT I would say it gives us a chance to spend more time together and SLOW down.

It has given our reps a chance to SLOW down all the “activity” and make sure their efforts result in “productivity.”

And look for new “opportunities.”

Explore areas that we never had the time for in the past when we were going out in the field, making 50 in-person calls a week!


We use an acronym when we coach G.R.O.W.- the R stands for reflection.

Reflection on the accounts:

  • What do the hospitals need right now?
  • Hospital to Home?
  • Skilled nursing diversions?
  • What do your Assisted Livings need right now?
  • Cognitive Therapy?
  • Identification of Resident decline?
  • What do your Skilled Nursing Facilities with Rehab need right now? Productivity?
    Perhaps you can discuss per diem work in collaboration with their therapy staff.
  • Joint Venturing is very “Hot” right now!


This is your time to shine!


Ask the right open questions to discover how you can serve more deeply!


How are you uniquely qualified to solve that problem?


There is always an answer – even if on the surface, it doesn’t look like there is one that involves home care, home health, or hospice.


This is the type of question we solve at our weekly sales meeting with our mentoring clients.


Sales Meeting:

I have a simple rule –

I will never bring a team together without at least 1 piece of marketing training.

That means there will never be a meeting that was a “waste of time” because you will gain a new skill or put back into practice a tactic that perhaps you forgot about.

The truth is – it’s “ANNOYING” as Donnie say (read “tough”) each week to come up with skill development exercises and tips. Most agencies don’t have the manpower or time to give their marketer’s skill development each week.

That is why we developed the Achieve program. It’s your weekly skill development and tips that propel sales reps to become the best in the industry.

It’s like having home health, hospice, or home care sales trainer on your team each week pop into your sales meeting for 15 mins and rock it out. Looking to upgrade your teams’ skills, so they are razor-sharp?

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