Are you leveraging current clients to gain referrals?

Today we are all facing a lack of referrals from facilities related to the Coronavirus. The sudden halt of non-emergency surgeries has dramatically decreased the volume of referrals from facilities.  This has forced our organizations to redirect our efforts to retain census and make our budgets.  This redirection has stirred our creativity to bring in referrals. As an agency owner, I quickly had to support my organization to quickly find ways to generate a new stream of referrals/revenue.

Many of us have sales associates or liaisons that quickly had to evolve to an inside sales position, and we quickly created, and supported this transformation for your team.  The results were amazing, and we have this program available for purchase. 

The next way that our organizations are bringing in referrals is by leveraging their past referrals. We are proud to bring you, another remarkable webinar training that will give you all you need in under 90 minutes to increase your revenue!

This essential webinar can help you get your referrals pouring in the door by opening additional avenues for referrals. You get the exact scripts that I am using to capture referrals. I will show you how to use them and answer all of your questions. 

Join Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”, as she guides you through this powerful program. You can walk away with a new pipeline open of referrals entering your business. No hours of investment, no difficult concepts, no fluff!  Just what you need to solve your revenue blues!