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Do handouts ?drive? referrals?

What is the value of a ?good? handout? I was recently onsite for one of my favorite clients.?When I went back to the hotel on my nightstand was a ?handout? I had not seen before, and I travel A LOT.???It was an envelope.?A money envelope. On the front, ?It was my pleasure to host you.??And […]

Make a New Plan Stan!

Being a sales person involves more than making calls and holding meetings. What happens before you make a call is what helps get that next referral. Failure to plan is weakness of many sales people who just randomly go from facility to facility hoping someone will say yes and refer. Planning takes time and that […]

The “So What” Marketing to Home Health

The “So What” Marketing to Home Health So what makes your home health care agency unique? So what makes the services you offer stand out amongst your competition in a crowded marketplace? So what differentiates your home health care services from those standard services offered by your competition? So what helps you specifically target medical […]

Sales Process Work ? With Structure Comes Freedom

This week one of my clients?had me come to their organization to see what their sales representatives were doing on sales calls. The sales representatives were asked to take me to an account that they would most likely get their next home health referral from. The AE was excited to introduce me to the first […]

Relationships building is an art!

Service providers are selected because of relationships. If you want to improve your business at one of your accounts, then you need to ask yourself this question. ?What I can do to improve the relationship between this account and my organization?? Yes, this is going to be hard work, but it will have immense rewards […]