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What is your most persistent problem over the past year?

Cheryl and I are conducting market research, and one of the questions we are asking is: What is your most persistent problem over the past year? The overwhelming response COVID. Like any great clinician who is an active listener, we know that COVID is the big overarching problem (like Diabetes is the disease process). How […]

What to do in a short week

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Welcome to a short week! It is often we find ourselves in this position. We have a four day work week coming up, and we have to prioritize our marketing efforts. I have felt the “crunch” of a short week. You have too much to do and not enough time. Perhaps […]

Want to see numbers of another agency remote marketing for 2020?

Recently I was on a panel of experts and asked the question. “Does Remote Marketing Work?” Which is interesting because I was asked the same question over the past 2 weeks by a Home Health and Hospice Owner and a National Sales Director for In-Home Care Clearly, there is some uncertainty around “Can a marketer […]

Gamification is vital to learning (especially with marketers)

Gamification: Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. (via Wikipedia) The idea of gamification goes back before we even had video games or the internet. It’s the idea of making a task easier by shifting one’s perspective to make the process fun. It can be as simple as a […]

What to do when your staffing availability changes EVERYDAY

We have several clients (pretty much everyone at this point) who don’t know day-to-day what their care availability looks like due to COVID policies. A team member wakes up and has any signs or symptoms of COVID – fever, cough, etc. They are “on the bench,” leaving the schedulers to scramble to find care coverage. […]

Are you seeing an increase in referrals? You may be doing it wrong…

If 2020 were a yogurt, it would be rotten trout flavored. It’s been one crazy thing after another and for many liaisons/marketers, it’s become increasingly hard to get referrals hospital referrals. That should come as no surprise, as the hospitals and many of the Skilled Nursing Facilities are still on lockdown six months since this […]