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IT’S A SHORT WEEK – What to do this week

What to do this week: ­ You have had two short weeks – and it’s a pain when the holiday falls in the middle of the week. ­ Here is your prescription for handling the holidays – with precision. ­ Ask on your weekly visits – “Are you taking off for the holidays? And Who […]

Meet “Lucky” Jack

Meet “Lucky” Jack Jack is my friend. We attended church together. That is how I know Jack. He was one of the first people when we moved to MN to include my family in community activities. He and his wife were also incredibly supportive when our son died. Jack and his wife Barb were there […]

Home Care, Home Health, and PDGM: Why it Matters

Last week I was training ten owners and Directors of Ops for a large Home Care Company that I have been training and consulting with for the past nine years. Every year we evolve their training, and this year has had payment changes woven into the fabric of the materials. They are smart and passionate, […]

Opportunity in Chaos ? Referrals for you

This week I spent the day with 16 fantastic Home Care reps and Directors of Operations discussing the current landscape and changes in COPs and payments for some of our favorite friends and referral sources. Home Care Sales in the time of: PDPM ? October 1, 2019 New COPs for the Hospitals and Discharge Planning […]


Have you ever been held hostage by a sales rep? Or a co-worker that makes it unbearable at work? This week one of our clients did a VERY courageous thing. They FIRED their best performing representative. So when I say best performing rep ? I mean BEST PERFORMING rep. ? Bringing in millions of dollars […]

How to Keep Your Competitors Out of Your Best Referral Sources

This week I got a call from Scott, who was VP at a Regional Home Care Company. Their agency has been growing over the past few years. They were feeling good about their position in the community, but recently things were taking a downturn. They’d lost several big accounts to smaller agencies who ‘didn’t offer […]