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How to overcome “My patients can’t afford Home Care”

…MONEY It has always been at the top of the list for objections in Home Care. If you haven’t heard it yet. You haven’t been out in the field long enough. EVERY Home Care Marketer, Owner, and Home Assessment team member has heard this cry. Is it TRUE? Maybe. Let me share the story of […]

How to put 1st things 1st

My twin boys are in the 1st grade and at their elementary school, this is one of their success habits. When they come home from school, they will say to me, “Mom, we have to put 1st things 1st and do our homework before we go out and play.” This is a great success habit, […]

Jedi strategy for overcoming FEAR!

How do you feel when you go to market to a “new” referral source? Or call on a Hospital? Does your heart race? Do you think of all the “bad” things that can happen? Most trainers and managers will say – get rid of your fear, dampen it down, manage it. I will tell you […]

New Year – New You! How to achieve your income goals

Last week we discussed GOALs and how to make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). This week we were together with our AWESOME Home Care Sales Mastermind Group in Miami at the Fountainbleu, and one of the reoccurring themes for their Home Care Sales teams was to make sure they are deeply connected […]

Truth Bomb – Success is not Defined by Effort

*Warning: This blog post contains truth that some will not want to hear. If you are struggling to get referrals in your market, you probably need this article…but you also may not like it. Read at your own discretion. Consider this: Success is not defined by effort. You can try with all of your might […]

3 Goals for 2020

3 Goals for 2020. No more, no less! What????? Three goals? Just three goals? Yes! Here is what I know from working with thousands of home care owners and their reps. We all have goals, but often they do not get met because the people made too many, they were too big, or they were […]