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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Step Fully Into 2021

Happy New Year, HCS Family! As we get ready to jump into 2021, it is also a perfect time to reflect. One of my mentors in business asked me 5 questions. I found them insightful, and some of the answers surprised me as I had not posed that question to myself before that way. Today […]

Curiosity, The only thing you need for a successful Cold Call

Today’s sales environment is more complex than it has ever been.  We are forced to perform phone calls and follow an inside sales process. We are not crazy about this! But? Maybe we should be! You see, you can do a lot more calling over the phone than you can in person. The problem is […]

The 7 Reasons you will want to join CAM

  “If you have an apple and I have an apple, and we exchange these apples, then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” – George Bernard Shaw. Reason […]

2021 Sales Plan Development Guide

As the calendar year draws to a rapid end, many of us are eager to have 2020 be in the rearview mirror. This is the time of the year that sales teams start to plan for the upcoming year.  If you are like most sales executives, you are focused on using the precious few selling […]

Marketers are the new recruiters?

This week was our Home Health and Home Care Marketing Mastermind week with one of our clients. This is a specific format we run with the teams we consult for to collaborate on growth strategies. In 8 mins, the Agency team member gets solutions to challenges from Marketing and Operational leadership. The closer you are […]

Employee Retention Suggestions

I love my clients. Helping home care agencies, home health, and hospice organizations service more patients is the most rewarding work I have ever done!  Home Care Sales has done such a great job at helping organizations grow that we create a new problem. Not enough staff. Not enough staff can be caused by 2 different […]

What is a Mastermind Group?

Andrew Carnegie had a mastermind group. So did Henry Ford. Ford would mastermind with Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and others. The mastermind group can focus unique energy on your effort or challenge in the form of knowledge, resources, and energy. As the individual must “do the work” of becoming a “success,” a mastermind group can […]

Sales problem or Recruiting Problem?

For years, Home Care Sales has been helping organizations around the country to grow their agencies. We love what we do! We are well-known as the consultants that teach you to sell using medical diagnosis (which has been pivotal in millions of dollars in revenue for our clients). While our clients have experienced great success, many say […]

COVID: The Great Rep Filter

As cases spike, more and more accounts are going into “lockdown.” …But some reps are still getting in. Why are some reps allowed in, and others are being told that due to COVID, they are not allowed in at the same accounts? I spoke with one of our favorite Home Health reps, and I asked […]

Five Sales Exercises to help you improve your sales messages

One of the most frustrating things that I have seen repeatedly from Sales Representatives is that they continue to call on accounts that have never referred. According to Ziglar, that is the definition of insanity!  Over the last 10 years, I will share with you that I have studied my fair share of data. Sales […]