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The Current Conditions and Fear of Rejection

I just got off the phone with a franchisor who was looking for help for her owners. She said, “our owners are concerned with the “new world  COVID” and how it impacts Marketing.” I shared we all are. This IS a new world! I currently manage a team where each one of them has different […]

How do you ask for a referral?

How do you ask for a referral? We have worked with thousands of sales reps across all the business lines, home health marketers, in-home care sales reps, hospice liaisons, and one thing we know for sure – You have to ASK for the referral. Here’s the problem – most reps have a FEAR of asking. […]

Transition as We Come Out of the “Shelter-in-place”

We have read the numbers of 45-65% decrease in revenue from other industry articles. It is an uncertain time. How you motivate your marketers during this transitional period will determine how you “accelerate out of the turn.” My Dad shared with me early in my driving career, “how to take the racing line” because you […]

A Message from Melanie Stover

I have been having conversations with home care, home health, and hospice owners and reps over the past 2 weeks, and it is interesting to see the range of behaviors that mirror the 5 stages of grief. Because really, that is what this is – trauma. People are grieving. That causes some people to freeze, […]