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The Most Important Skill That Sales Representatives Must Possess

This morning I received a call from a client who was building his sales team from 3 reps to 6 reps. He wanted to put his new reps through our Fast Track Orientation, High Performance Sales Academy, Masters in High Performance Selling, and Inside Sales Process as well as purchase the Community Calls program.  He […]

How to manage a Sales Rep in 3 easy steps

I just completed a session for HCAOA annual virtual conference. “LOVE Home Care – HATE Sales Management”   The theme – Rediscover the Magic of Home Care! That is a great theme and an extension of that theme “Rediscover the magic of your sales rep.” Many owners that we have worked with have shared with […]

Are you using Population health and social determinants in your sales presentations for your agency?

Population Health and Social determinants of health. Sounds super sexy right? I just finished a recorded session for NAHC annual conference that will be aired October 20th – click here to sign up for the virtual conference: http://2020annual.nahc.org/ The session was: “Private Duty – Positioning as a Key Partner in Effective Population Health Management” I […]

What is your most persistent problem over the past year?

Cheryl and I are conducting market research, and one of the questions we are asking is: What is your most persistent problem over the past year? The overwhelming response COVID. Like any great clinician who is an active listener, we know that COVID is the big overarching problem (like Diabetes is the disease process). How […]

What to do in a short week

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Welcome to a short week! It is often we find ourselves in this position. We have a four day work week coming up, and we have to prioritize our marketing efforts. I have felt the “crunch” of a short week. You have too much to do and not enough time. Perhaps […]

Want to see numbers of another agency remote marketing for 2020?

Recently I was on a panel of experts and asked the question. “Does Remote Marketing Work?” Which is interesting because I was asked the same question over the past 2 weeks by a Home Health and Hospice Owner and a National Sales Director for In-Home Care Clearly, there is some uncertainty around “Can a marketer […]