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Sales Managers have the hardest job in sales

Sales Managers assume 100% of the responsibility for the performance of their sales team, yet receive little glory for their efforts. I have worked with so many different management positions in our industry. Large clients that have 8 sales managers, down to “Mom and Pop’s” that the owner him/herself is the sales manager.  In most cases, […]

We can get in FINALLY – now what?

The good news: Most home care, home health, and hospice marketers are getting into their accounts! It’s a perfect time to reflect and prepare. You just finished your Quarterly business review, so you have most of the hard work done! Your top accounts identified and ranked. After all, these months, here are the next steps […]

The Underperformer’s Mindset And How To Overcome It!

Sales reps typically say, “I want to build my numbers.” Yet, many sales reps don’t succeed. Why? Why don’t they make it?  Why are they unable to grow relationships that produce referrals?  Maybe there are legitimate reasons why people fail.  Why is it that sales reps who have the most resources, almost every help available, […]