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What to do in a short week

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to a short week! It is often we find ourselves in this position. We have a three day work week coming up, and we have to prioritize our marketing efforts. I have felt the “crunch” of a short week. You have too much to do and not enough time. Perhaps you have […]

How To Get Past the Gatekeepers At The Hospital

One of the biggest challenges your organization faces is in getting enough referrals to remain profitable. That is a simple truth. Many times, organizations think they can get enough business from just websites and word of mouth, and I will tell you, these are the agencies that typically don’t succeed. If you look around at […]

Insights: How do you retain your staff during difficult times?

Click play to begin the video:    Video Transcript: This is the year of retention. Hi, I’m Melanie Stover one of the co-owners of home care sales and we’re talking retention. Yes, staffing is a challenge, and we know it’s going to be a challenge for a while, so well so many people are […]