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This Case Manager SCREAMED at me…

This week on a coaching call for sales management, a rep from one of our clients (a Home Health and Hospice agency) reported:   “This Case Manager, which I have known a long time, SCREAMED at me that she was SICK AND TIRED of us not accepting her patients and was DONE calling us! What […]

Are you experiencing a Summer Slump?

I had a call this week with one of our old clients (Robert) who said: “I am just in a summer slump. I don’t know what is going on. I think I am doing the right things, but the numbers are not growing.” “I make headway a week or two, and then my referrals drop […]

Gaining referrals is like fishing

This summer we rented a houseboat. 46ft of SUPER FUN! As you know, I have twin 8 yr olds. Donnie LOVES to fish.  So every time we stopped the boat, he had to get a line wet. Because he is eight, patience waiting for the fish is HARD! He tried on the back of the […]

Who has the money problem… your clients or YOU?

Home Care Marketers report their #1 objection is, “My referral sources or prospects tell me they can’t afford my Home Care Services.” Here’s the deal. That is not the “real” issue! The REAL issue is how the Home Care Marketer feels about money and value and their own mindset. They have a scarcity mindset. Haven’t […]