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Tips For Hiring A Sales Representative

One of the most challenging aspects of being an owner or Sales Manager is hiring the right candidate to help you grow your organization. You should recognize that you are making a critical decision regarding a person who will be the “face of the agency.” As a Sales Manager, this is one of the essential […]

Selling by Diagnosis is “Horsesh**!” said Randy…

This week I took a call from an owner who said to me. “I don’t see how selling by Diagnosis will work…”   “Selling by Diagnosis is “HorseSh**”   He continued, “I don’t believe it. It will not work. I am non-medical home care, and we are not treating medical conditions, so I don’t see […]

Can you REALLY move the needle in one week?

I often hear owners and representatives say, “Oh, this will take a while for me to start to get referrals from this account.”   When given the right tools, this is simply not true.   More than any other profession, sales rely on your thoughts, and thoughts become actions or inactions. Actions, when taken in […]