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The Life-Altering Art of Compound Success

Have you ever heard of Compound Interest? Many of our more sophisticated readers may be familiar with the term. Compound interest (or compounding interest) is interest calculated on the initial principal, which also includes all of the accumulated interest of previous periods of a deposit or loan. [www.investopedia.com] Clear as mud, right? Well, I’m going […]

Home Care and Hospice Gratitude: A better tomorrow, today

I think we all have an idea of what gratitude is, but we often only practice being grateful in moments of rescue (where someone saves us from a problem) or in times like the holiday, Thanksgiving. What is interesting (and how it applies to us in-home care) is that the practice of being grateful has […]

Why NOW is not the time to give up on your sales team

For some agencies we work with, it’s been a struggle to gain referrals and grow during this pandemic. For others, they are seeing a sizable increase in referrals. What is the difference? The Culture and the Message   Right now people are scared. Sales reps have to find alternative ways to reach referral sources. Here […]

You are loved, but do you love what you do?

Do you love what you do? It’s a simple question really, but we complicate it by saying “yes, I love this part” and “I really hate this part.” Most of us would say that we do love what we do…sometimes. However, I’m going to challenge that a little bit. You can like what you do […]

Lessons We can Learn From the Movie Home Alone

Recently, I watched the movie Home Alone with my family. While a movie about the earth’s two most inept burglars might not seem like it relates to your services, you may want to look again. I want to explore some key moments of the movie Home Alone and how its timeless message also mirrors many […]

Hallmark Movies, Educational Foundation, and PDGM…

I love the holidays! Candy canes, sugar cookies, and Hallmark Movies NONSTOP.   That’s right, Mr. Manly Man, Jason Lewallen, loves watching sappy Christmas movies for the entire month of December. Try to get me to watch “The Notebook” or “Titanic” and you’d better be ready for an uphill battle…but turn on “Mrs. Miracle” or […]