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Competing For Facility Referrals

FACT: One of the hardest things to do is to get referrals from hospitals and short-term rehabilitation centers. So many things can impact the ability for us to break into facilities. We can get our sales representatives to build relationships but so many other factors contribute to why they would be willing to refer to […]

Why PDGM Didn’t Impact Most Home Health Agencies

Like many agency owners I was not looking forward to learning a new payment system. When CMS finalized a new case-mix classification model, the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), effective beginning January 1, 2020, I was less than enthusiastic. The PDGM relies more heavily on clinical characteristics and other patient information to place home health periods […]

Telehealth Challenges Continue as The Pandemic Rages On

While telehealth services were booming in the early days of the COVID pandemic, there are signs that interest in telemedicine may be waning. I believe that the cause is that the most vulnerable senior population does not have access to the technology to have a billable virtual visit.  This opens a great new opportunity for […]

Pandemic Leaves More Seniors Desperate for Attention

Just this past week I went out to breakfast at the Jersey Shore where outside dining is the only option.  My family and I were seated next to 2 elderly women who were speaking quite loudly so that I (and really anyone within the dining area) could hear their conversation. I was not necessarily eavesdropping […]

The 5 Steps To Sales Success Pt. 2

Last week I wrote about how opening your own company is hard work. You get through setting up the organization and now you have all the pieces in place but one. Where are the clients? Where are the referrals?  Last week I shared the first two steps to success that I wrote about in my […]

The 5 Steps To Sales Success Pt. 1

Opening your own company is hard work. You get through setting up the organization and now you have all the pieces in place but one.  Where are the clients?  Where are the referrals? Many owners think the hard work is in getting the organization set up but then find that they build the company to […]

Readmissions: Still a BIG Problem!

Many of us are doing an amazing job managing patients and keeping them out of the hospital. I want all of you to realize that we may not be doing enough to make a significant difference. What I have noticed is that we have made an impact, but many patients that end up being hospitalized were […]