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How To Build An Incredible Sales Representative

This week I am blessed to have an administrator who trained to be a sales representative. Now, this administrator isn’t leaving his role as administrator. He volunteered to manage the sales representative’s accounts while out of work for maternity leave. Our first call was excellent. It started something like this: “OMG, it is so hard […]

Four Strategies to Win Hospital Patients Referrals

Friends, for the last 29 years I have been working in post-acute care. For the last 9 years, I have worked in helping post-acute care providers such as home care, home health, and hospice organizations grow their census. One account type that I most often hear presents a challenge for agencies to get referrals from, […]

Doctors Share Their Roadmap to Referrals Experience

Many of you have been using our Roadmap to Referrals: 52 Weeks Sales Plan, and I wanted to share feedback from our physician panel. I met with a group of physicians (11 doctors and three nurse practitioners).  They were chosen because the sales reps that are calling on them are using the Roadmap To Referrals […]

2022 Sales Plan Development Guide

As the calendar year draws to a rapid end, many of us are eager to have 2021 be in the rearview mirror. The fourth quarter is the time of the year that sales teams start to plan for the upcoming year. Like most sales executives, you are focused on using the precious few selling days […]


  I spent a few weeks exploring Europe with friends that I met at a conference back in 2005. It was a trip of a lifetime. Milan fashion week, Switzerland and its magnificent Alps, spectacular Lake Como, Austria, and Budapest with three days in Venice!   I posted a few of the photo’s so my […]

Physician Offices Have Been Dealt a Financial Blow Related to Covid and Your Agency Can Offer a Solution

A new report from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) may not offer many surprises, but it summarizes the financial impact COVID had on physician groups.  The organization, which represents group practices of all stripes, found an unexpected surge in physician retirement last year. (One-third of practice leaders reported seeing that trend in their groups.) […]