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You Are Either Excited About 2023 Or Terrified…

– You are most likely one of two types of people. You are either excited about 2023 or terrified.   Valhalla VintageVerb VST Crack Whichever you identify with, you can most certainly end 2023 with a success story. Watch the following video and uncover how you can unwrap success in 2023 in 40 seconds.   Click […]

How Home Health and In-Home Care can gain Referrals for Diabetic Patients

Sales representatives often ask questions about trying to attract patient types that they know their organization is great at treating. Today, I got an email from a new salesperson who works for a large private duty organization. Johnny asked if I knew how he could capture more diabetic patients. He explained that the admission coordinator […]

Home Health and Hospice Intake: What You Need to Know

A client, patient, or referral source’s first interaction with your employees is critical to the reputation of your company. This is especially true for home health, private duty, and hospice agencies. Our intake staff play a vital role in providing a positive experience for our referral sources and our patients and their families. We are […]

Correlation of Sales Reps and Explosive Growth

How many of you would love to grow by 90%? Sounds great right? How many of you are willing to work 90% harder to make it happen? Now I bet that yes has quickly been replaced with a resounding NO! Why? Well maybe first off, you are already giving 110% of yourself at work. I […]

How To Build An Incredible Sales Representative

This week I am blessed to have an administrator who trained to be a sales representative. Now, this administrator isn’t leaving his role as administrator. He volunteered to manage the sales representative’s accounts while out of work for maternity leave. Our first call was excellent. It started something like this: “OMG, it is so hard […]

Four Strategies to Win Hospital Patients Referrals

Friends, for the last 29 years I have been working in post-acute care. For the last 9 years, I have worked in helping post-acute care providers such as home care, home health, and hospice organizations grow their census. One account type that I most often hear presents a challenge for agencies to get referrals from, […]

Doctors Share Their Roadmap to Referrals Experience

Many of you have been using our Roadmap to Referrals: 52 Weeks Sales Plan, and I wanted to share feedback from our physician panel. I met with a group of physicians (11 doctors and three nurse practitioners).  They were chosen because the sales reps that are calling on them are using the Roadmap To Referrals […]