PDGM? – the most significant change in the Home Health payment system in the last 20 years is right around the corner. While you are getting your Ops team ready ? what about your MARKETERS?

Who will bear the brunt of communicating the required changes?

Your Sales Team!

How are you going to educate your referral sources so that you dominate your market and get the HIGH-VALUE PATIENTS?


Here are some of the items to consider for your Marketers:

  • YOU NEED ALL THE DIAGNOSES for your coders ? NOT JUST Primary and Secondary! (This 1 tactic will impact the way we “gather referral information” and the how much you get paid.)
  • Your Marketers need to know the 12 Clinical Groupings so that they can actively be looking for those HIGH-VALUE REFERRALS!
  • Are your referrals Community or Institutional? ? Do you have a plan to seek more of the higher reimbursed patients?
  • What is the functional impairment level of your “Ideal referral”?
  • What are the co-morbidities of the patient so that you can gain an adjustment (low ? high) from the secondary diagnoses as reported on your claims

PDGM will change how you interact with your referral sources. If you thought education on F2 was HARD ? IMAGINE all the training you will have for your referral sources!

Now is the time to start addressing these issues pro-actively. Often in our industry, we wait until it’s bad enough to effect our bottomline, then start the process of planning and implementing change. Agencies who are ahead of the curve are the ones that win more referrals and garner trust with their referral sources.


If the answer is no…consider this:

Cheryl and I have created an EASY way for you to gain a blueprint for your Marketers to have a clear path to PDGM.

Step 1:? Sign up for our GROWTH SUMMIT for owners and executives (Its where we are giving you the blueprint to navigate the changes to supercharge your growth)

Step 2:? Come to Vegas for an awesome event of Peer to Peer networking and Education on how to make this Next Phase of your agency the “GROWTH PHASE”!


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Melanie Stover, OT, MBA, IS/ISM

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales