Population Health and Social determinants of health.

Sounds super sexy right?

I just finished a recorded session for NAHC annual conference that will be aired October 20th – click here to sign up for the virtual conference: http://2020annual.nahc.org/

The session was:

“Private Duty – Positioning as a Key Partner in Effective Population Health Management”

I was a part of it with Cindy Campbell – HMA Healthcare Informatics, BSN, RN, COQS, Director Operational Consulting WellSky Advisory and Outsources Services (formerly Fazzi Associates) and Dr. Lucy Andrews, DNP, MS, RN Founder, and CEO: At Your Service Home Care, Chair CAHSAH.

It was an excellent presentation, and I would like to share some of the “AhHa” moments with you!

Cindy set the stage and slapped us in the face with this slide – it was a sit up and pay attention moment. As an OT, of course, I know about functional limitations, but holy moly – $740 billion per year by 2025! Cindy got us off to a great start!

Our hypothesis is that home care generates substantial cost savings for complex chronic patients with functional limitations and supports a compelling business case for home care value in population health management.

Lucy went onto discuss the three strategies from The American Healthcare Association.

  1. Screening and information: Providers systematically screen patients for health-related social needs and discuss the impact these challenges may have on their health with them
  2. Navigation: Providers offer navigation services to assist patients in accessing community services
  3. Alignment: Providers partner with community stakeholders to more closely align local services with the needs of local patients

Cindy shared an example of a Heart Failure Program.

  • Provide a combination of ADL/IADL support as needed, include transportation, medication reminders, and RPM with LVN/RN call center support as State license permits and condition warrants.
  • Measure and use data wanted by your hospital or payor partner
    • They want READMISSIONS LOWER for high recidivism, high cost, ‘FREQUENT FLYERS’ for example:
    • YOUR POPULATION OUTCOME = achieved fewer readmissions, e.g., 5% reduction in 30-day rehospitalization in CHF patients
  • Track and manage interventions to prevent rehospitalizations
  • Share your successful decrease in readmit to hospital with specific patient populations.
  • Consider the integration of innovative RPM, virtual visit, and connectivity platforms within your programmatic offerings.

My portion of the course was about business development.

I shared the steps to take to gain more referrals through population health programs.

I also shared case studies of current and past clients:

  • Nurse owned HH and PD in which the hospital referred and paid 4 hrs a day for 30 days for high-risk readmission patients.
  • Nurse owned HH and PD is exploring a hospital to home program and is in step 4 out of 7 in the Home Care Sales Exploration Model.
  • An In-Home Care provider who aggressively pursued the Medicare Advantage opportunity for personal care and transfers

I am so grateful to be in the company of colleagues – Lucy and Cindy – who are at the top of their games sharing their insights!  We get the chance to take a peek at how other agencies are working.

That is the benefit of working in partnership, having a great network, seeing what is working for others, asking great questions, and sharing information/ solutions.

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Impact more lives!


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