Mom’s outpatient treatments were completed in the ambulatory center.

She went every day for five days for treatment.

My brother went for the 1st three, then shift change, and I went for the last 2.

My Mom was a school teacher for 32 years and is SUPER sweet. So in the car, when she told me:

“Mel, if I get the nurse from yesterday, I will ask for another one she was not very good at getting my IV in.”

I said, “Ok, Mom, let’s see who it is.”

We were brought back, and Mom sat in the chair. They are not actual “rooms.” They have just curtained “rooms,” so of course, you can hear everyone’s conversation.

The lady next to us said to the MA who took everyone’s vitals – “I want Mary Lynn to start my IV – that nurse yesterday didn’t know what she was doing, and she stabbed me four times before she called Mary Lynn – so let’s just start with Mary Lynn.”

Mom looked at me and nodded her head as if to say, “See, I told you – I want Mary Lynn too.”


The curtains opened, and a nurse who looked to be in her late 40s with an air of confidence said to my Mom and me,“Hi, I am Mary Lynn. I will be doing your treatment today.”

I could see my Mom nod her head and smile behind her mask – “Oh good, I was hoping I would get you!”

Mary Lynn said“well, good cuz here I am!”

According to my Mom, Mary Lynn moved around my Mom with the assurance and skill to pop in the IV on the first try without pain.

After the treatment, my Mom said to Mary Lynn“You are a really good nurse. I hope I get you again.”

Mary Lynn said to my Mom, “Oh, thanks – I love my job, and I have been practicing a long time, so my IV skills are pretty good.”

My Mom said, ‘It shows.”


What can we learn from Mary Lynn?




How do you get “Confidence.”

By gaining KNOWLEDGE!


How do you gain knowledge in the post-acute space?


  • Read: Do you know…
    • Medicare Home Health Chapter 7 of the Benefits Policy Manual
    • The LCDs for your area?
    • Do you subscribe to the industry news?


  • TRAIN: Be like a champion!
    • Do you invest in your skills?
    • How do you measure your successes?


You do not MAGICALLY become an expert – you train to become one!

And then DO – Like Mary Lynn – you have to practice!

You can be the Post Acute Care Expert!

And just like Mary Lynn – people will “request” you when you can help them navigate the sea of providers!

Ready to train?

We got your path to become a Post Acute Care Expert – Join US!


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