On Wednesdays we usually send out an email from Cheryl Peltekis. However, today she is delivering?a Pre-Keynote Presentation?at the Texas Association of Home?Care and Hospice Conference, which is followed by another presentation with John Griscavage, CEO of PlayMaker CRM.

So, I decided to “steal” her blog post. While I am not Cheryl, I would like to share a few things about Cheryl. To do that, I have to go back three years ago…

I’ve know Cheryl Peltekis and Melanie Stover for several years. When they told me they were going to be doing a joint venture together, I knew that was where I belonged. My focus, at the time, was driven by helping agencies grow, gain more referrals, and become…well…successful. While those are passions of mine even now, Cheryl and Melanie had a slightly different passion.

See…they deeply believe that every patient that receives service at home is a massive victory. It’s not the numbers or income. Those are a requirement and byproduct of changing lives for the better. The center of all of what we do is the lives we can touch. Those who get to live out their lives safely at home.

For the first few years of working with Cheryl and Melanie, I tried to capture that passion. If I’m being honest, it’s not until I experienced Home Care with my mother that I had my lightbulb moment.

My mother passed last year of small cell cancer in the lungs, brain, and bone. She was in the care of hospice and they were outstanding. Before she went into hospice, she was receiving home health. She had complained of several aches and pains, but seemed to really be struggling with her hip. When we went to her physician, they claimed it was a bi-product of her cancer treatment. So we tried our best to make her comfortable.

Her home health nurse came to evaluate and knew her hip pain was something more. So she called the physician several times and fought for my mother. The Doc finally relented and within two days she was having an emergency hip replacement. During that procedure, the surgeon found several “mounds” (his word) of cancer on the good part of her bones and was able to scrape it off. This extended my mothers life and eased her suffering greatly.

My mother’s life (as short as it was) was improved in such a big way. She was able to see my daughter’s solo performance in the Christmas play and paint sun catchers with the grandkids after that. She was able to forge new, lasting memories for all of us.

When I came to understand what we teach and who we are at Home Care Sales, I never looked at home health, hospice, home care, DME, and home infusion the same way again. I see what you do as a walking talking miracle. Because you are that miracle. I know it. I have experienced it.

Next time your are focused on the numbers or the idea of “high-pressure sales,” remember this story. Even better yet, remember the way home care has touched your life.

Cheryl Peltekis will be bringing her “home care story” to the table this year at the Growth Summit. She’ll be directly connecting it to the key focus points of running a successful agency. You can still sign up, but not for long.

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Have a great week!

– Jason

About the Author:

Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Business Development

for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:

Email: jason@homecaresales.com

Phone: 615.815.7907


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