This Virus is ANNOYING, and BORING said my oldest of my 7-year-old twins (by 12 minutes) Donnie. Mom, I am TIRED of hearing you talk about Home Health EVERY day, and it is boring!


You spend too much time outside my home office listening to me coach (his bedroom is next to my “home office) HOME HEALTH NOT BORING!

Ok – Yes – The virus IS ANNOYING, and it is BORING staying home for 4 months when you are 7 years old.

…BUT I would say it gives us a chance to spend more time together and SLOW down.

It has given our reps a chance to SLOW down all the “activity” and make sure their efforts result in “productivity.”

And look for new “opportunities.”

Explore areas that we never had the time for in the past when we were going out in the field, making 50 in-person calls a week!


We use an acronym when we coach G.R.O.W.- the R stands for reflection.

Reflection on the accounts:

  • What do the hospitals need right now?
  • Hospital to Home?
  • Skilled nursing diversions?
  • What do your Assisted Livings need right now?
  • Cognitive Therapy?
  • Identification of Resident decline?
  • What do your Skilled Nursing Facilities with Rehab need right now? Productivity?
    Perhaps you can discuss per diem work in collaboration with their therapy staff.
  • Joint Venturing is very “Hot” right now!


This is your time to shine!


Ask the right open questions to discover how you can serve more deeply!


How are you uniquely qualified to solve that problem?


There is always an answer – even if on the surface, it doesn’t look like there is one that involves home care, home health, or hospice.


This is the type of question we solve at our weekly sales meeting with our mentoring clients.


Sales Meeting:

I have a simple rule –

I will never bring a team together without at least 1 piece of marketing training.

That means there will never be a meeting that was a “waste of time” because you will gain a new skill or put back into practice a tactic that perhaps you forgot about.

The truth is – it’s “ANNOYING” as Donnie say (read “tough”) each week to come up with skill development exercises and tips. Most agencies don’t have the manpower or time to give their marketer’s skill development each week.

That is why we developed the Achieve program. It’s your weekly skill development and tips that propel sales reps to become the best in the industry.

It’s like having home health, hospice, or home care sales trainer on your team each week pop into your sales meeting for 15 mins and rock it out. Looking to upgrade your teams’ skills, so they are razor-sharp?

Join Achieve today for just $47



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