I just had a fantastic call with what I will now refer to as a friend of mine, Amy. She has a sales background and is just moving into the Home Health and Hospice space.

It was nice talking to another “classically” trained salesperson, as there is a small kindred spirit found in folks who have stared down a manager sternly telling them to A.B.C. (Always Be Closing). A person who has felt the pain of having to “qualify a non-buyer” and the struggle when asked to “sharpen your pencil just a little more” to negotiate a contract.

My favorite part of our conversation today was the mutual excitement that we shared about this industry. Being in sales for a time can teach you to offer incredible incentives and benefits. You can solve hundreds of business problems for your clients. Rarely, do you get to find yourself representing a service that quite literally changes the lives of your clients.

Even talking about it now gives me chills. As young man, I worked on an assembly line making a hilariously low sum of money and constantly asking where my life was headed.

Back then, I would have laughed out loud if someone told me that someday I would help thousands of mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, and even sons and daughters live a more fulfilling and independent life.

What a crazy, exciting life I get to lead!

Here is the thing…You lead that life too! The service your agency provides has such a deep impact on your community that you are a regular philanthropist.

Consider this:

If your agency served just 10 patients a month in total, you would change the lives of 120 patients a year.

As if that wasn’t enough, you would (on average) impact over 500 family members conservatively as well as several facilities, physicians, and referral providers. (based on spouse survival statistics, the average household census, and grandchildren per patient)

That is more than most non-profit organizations will help in the entire lifespan of their companies!

So, Tomorrow…

When get into your car each morning this week and you are thinking, “Where do I start?” – remember that you are already in the business of good works. You are changing lives and making an impact. Let that realization put a spring in your step and push you forward.

Moreover, you (as a representative) are helping referral sources to identify those patients who need our services. Without you, those patients are going with out. You stand between seniors and the bathing and meal prep they don’t have the strength for. You offer the kind of therapy and education that can keep a patient from a life-altering fall or medication mixup. You help parents and grandparents to secure their dignity and legacy when the time has come for them to pass on.

Someday, most of us will find ourselves on the other end of the beautiful service(s) we provide. We will bounce back from a rough surgery, survive a heart attack, or maybe even have to rely on daily help to continue living a great and meaningful life.

We might even need to say goodbye in the most meaningful way possible and a hospice organization will help us to find the words and pass on without pain or suffering.

Getting referrals…yeah, it can be hard. Real hard sometimes. But, damn… it is well worth it.

Keep up the great work and have a fantastic week!


About the Author:

Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Business Development

for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:

Email: jason@homecaresales.com

Phone: 615.815.7907


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