All this distance…is it the new normal?

I can almost see it

The light at the end of the tunnel

The “other side” of this “shelter in place.”

But what does it mean for Home Care Salespeople, Home Health Marketers, and Hospice liaisons?

What is this “new normal.”

The 40 in-person sales call a week we have completed for 20 years has been thrown out the window.  Will we go back to it?

I don’t have a crystal ball.

Is this “new normal” going to be the instrument of your demise or an opportunity for you to strengthen your value and leverage technology? Creating more efficiencies adding more revenue, and impacting more family’s lives.

I believe we will not “go back” to the way it was.  Our home care marketing has been changed forever.  I believe this pandemic will become the “rep” filter limiting access even more than you have previously experienced.  Our referral sources are overrun by Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice Marketers; this pandemic just gave them the perfect reason to “filter” out more reps.

Access will be only for those reps who provide excellent value to the referral source and their business. Last week during our coaching call for the Inside Sales Remote Marketing program, we worked on prospecting scripting.  How to open the door for your agency when you are “afar”.

For some reps, this turn from outside in-person marketing to inside remote marketing has been relatively easy.  They have scripts we have created and a formula to follow.  For others, I have heard this has been a hard time.  We listen to stories of reps who just don’t know how to market remotely, so they are in the office helping schedule or worse laid off.

This is a time where you CAN deepen your relationships with your referral sources.

You CAN prospect and GAIN new referrals and contracts!

Just today I received 2 emails one from a HH and one from an HC – both our in the “remote marketing program.”

The home health rep used a prospecting email and within 30 mins received:

  • 1 referral
  • 1 appointment set to discuss services
  • 1 connection in the targeted organization (different than the person who was emailed)

The Home Care rep:

From her cold email was asked for a contract to become a provider for an AL where they were struggling with enough staff.

These are the results the Marketers are getting from “Inside Sales – Remote Marketing.”

You can too!

Join us for our next Coaching Session on Tuesday – at just $65 for the program it is our way of giving back to the industry that is our lives work

And helping your agency bridge the gap between what was and what is now.

We invite you to join us!


High Performance Inside Sales Program

Complete details:

It consists of 2 components.

  • Inside Sales training course – delivered virtually through a series of video modules. It is self-paced, and teams can go through it together
  • 6 LIVE coaching webinars over a 6 wk period (all recorded) We will personally hold live training sessions via zoom where we will review curriculum answer specific questions, work on call scripts, and messaging. We will present new material focusing especially on today’s changing situations.