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Welcome to the High Performance Sales Academy Affiliate Toolkit

Earn commissions while helping our industry get the education and tools they need to help more patients and clients get the home care services they deserve!

Being a High Performance Sales Academy Partner has the following benefits:

? $500 commission per attendee who signs up through you!
? Access to our promotional SWIPE
? Access to promotional graphics
? Sales support directly from us

1. What is the High Performance Sales Academy?
It is a revolutionary educational based selling system that is responsible for transforming sales people into home care super heroes!

Of the course of a year we help home health, hospice and private duty sales reps implement a first class strategy and execution framework into their business.

When implemented The High Performance Sales Academy provides the templates and tools to deliver results in the form of increased referrals

2. Creators:
Cheryl Peltekis, RN and Melanie Stover OT, MBA created and champion the HPSA.
They are co owners of Home Care Sales, a specialized training organization for the home health, Private Duty and Hospice industries.

Cheryl and Melanie used their clinical knowledge, years of experience, study, their heart and soul to fundamentally change the way we train sales reps in our industry to become educators and change agents to help impact more patients and clients lives through the use of home health, hospice and in home care.

3. Content: What does the High Performance Sales Academy consist of?
The Academy is a virtual learning system coupled with a 3 day Live immersion style workshop.

The virtual ? on line learning program includes
? Home Care Sales Simplified eBook
? 5 Steps to High Performance Selling System
? 7 Videos that explain the step-by-step the method to EXPLODE your referral rate
? Monthly group coaching via private SA Facebook Group
? 5 Step Sales Process Infographic
? How to complete a sales call from beginning to end
? Learn the secret of a compelling (only 2 minute) elevator speech
? How to get past the gatekeeper
? What if you only have ?one shot? with a referral source
? How to gain another referral from your hospitalized patients or clients
? Learn the ?House Rules? ? the expectations your referral sources have of you

The Live 3 day event is held twice to four times a year.

The 3 day event is a skill development workshop in which attendees will ?walk out? on the 3rd day with their personalized scripts in hand and their Road Map to referrals complete for the year.
They can confidently walk out the next day and begin to execute on their plan to gain more patients or clients!

4. Audience: Who is the ideal customer for the high performance sales academy?

Anyone who is responsible for growing the business for home health, hospice or private duty, in home care

5. Investment: What does the program cost and what is your commissions
We have designed the program so that all affiliate partners share in the wealth.
High Performance Sales Academy price: $1997
Affiliate commission: $500

6. Terms: What are the terms for promoting the High Performance Sales Academy

Click here to see the terms and conditions of the HPSA affiliate program.

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