What is the difference between Achieve and Roadmap?

One of the smartest people I know asked me today what was the difference between Achieve and Roadmap to Referrals if they both had 52wks in them?

That is a GREAT question and its an excellent lesson in CLARITY!

How often have we described our services and a referral source doesn’t understand the difference between Home Health and In-Home Care?

Or the difference between OT and PT?

We think we do a great job of sharing, but when it is so close to us – and WE understand it – doesn’t mean that the audience we are speaking to understands it.

The intention of creating these two programs is that they can stand alone or combine them and get a whole new level of competency and proficiency! Mad skills that deliver results!


Achieve: Be a ninja-level Home Care Sales Marketer by sharpening your sales skills each week. Week over the week. Month over month. It is like having us at your sales meeting each week to kick off the week!

52 Wk. RoadMap of Referrals: DONE FOR YOU sales system that delivers high-value referrals by focusing on specific diagnoses and patient types. Giving you the words to say to “Trigger” a referral. Weekly sales messages are created for you with custom handouts for your agency.

Interaction with HCS:

Achieve: Private group where you can ask questions, get answers from other marketers and HCS staff along with support and community.

Roadmap of Referrals: Monthly live training via zoom to discuss the patient types for the month, hear live role play with Melanie and Cheryl, and have the opportunity to listen to and see your peers’ role-play a specific patient type in accounts.


Achieve: Weekly lessons are released into our Home Care Sales Pro – online learning system where you can watch them on demand and an exercise tool to customize it to your agency.

52 weeks – Roadmap of referrals: It offers you the opportunity to have a weekly sales message that is specific to targeting a “high value” patient or client.

Both programs have a place in your agency!

At two different price points, there is something for everyone!

Are you interested in hearing about the special bundle to make your agency “Pro” level?
Email Mike@HomeCareSales.com and tell him how many marketers you have, and he will put together a deal for you!

Time to UPGRADE!



P.S. Yes, I have been playing Roblox, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft with my seven-year-old twins – I think it’s rubbing off on me!