I have been having conversations with home care, home health, and hospice owners and reps over the past 2 weeks, and it is interesting to see the range of behaviors that mirror the 5 stages of grief. Because really, that is what this is – trauma.

People are grieving. That causes some people to freeze, become angry, and ultimately move through to acceptance for the ‘new normal”.

One thing is sure – WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

In some ways, the marketers were built to “get through” to acceptance fast. They are adaptable, feisty, and resilient. Those who are positive and taking action will be ahead of the competition on the other side of the pandemic.

We are going to do our part to help Home Care Sales, Home Health Marketers, Hospice liaisons be more productive with the calls they are making right now and, in the future, (YES marketers are getting REFERRALS RIGHT NOW! Using the phone)

We want as many agencies as possible to benefit so they can help their referral sources, patients and clients we are removing any economic barrier from getting involved (despite our bookkeeper’s objections)


High Performance Inside Sales Program

Complete details:

It consists of 2 components.

  • Inside Sales training course – delivered virtually through a series of video modules. It is self-paced, and teams can go through it together
  • 6 LIVE coaching webinars over a 6 wk period (all recorded) We will personally hold live training sessions via zoom where we will review curriculum answer specific questions, work on call scripts, and messaging. We will present new material focusing especially on today’s changing situations.

Remember, we are ALL in this together! – and you don’t have to be a lone- ranger!

We have trained thousands of Home Care Sales Reps, Home Health Marketers, Hospice liaisons over the last 18 years at Home Care Sales, and they are prospecting and gaining referrals at high levels using the methods and processes we teach.

The end result is that the attendees will have the messaging, skills, and renewed confidence to call, create interest with, deliver value to, and sell to new referrals sources AND existing referral sources. TODAY and in the FUTURE!

We are about to start our 6 wks of coaching calls, each designed to give you tips, strategies, and motivation to help you thrive and even expand in a time when many are retreating and doing nothing!

Next Steps:

This is not for everyone – But for many, it’s a no brainer.

For those who have an interest in joining us – click the link and register now so you can be welcomed into the program!

The first LIVE coaching session is Tuesday, April 14th, at 1pm central.

Secure your seat NOW!

Wishing you safety during this time – and the ability to Serve more Seniors!




PS. Please share this with anyone whom you feel would benefit