Value Based Purchasing is here! Now what?

You can improve your quality, Star Ratings, and patient satisfaction. In fact, you must! This session will show you exactly how to improve star ratings. Improving your outcomes is the ticket to getting hospital referrals. Just one more patient per month being referred from your local hospital can lead to increased reimbursement. The 2020 Episodic Base Rate is $3,220.79. One more patient a month = $38,649.48/yr 

Oasis E, time to start training staff

The Oasis assessment tool is being changed once again! Cheryl Peltekis, RN will provide you with a webinar that you can share with your staff so everyone can learn the new assessment tool.

Economic expansion into managed care

We will discuss how agencies were accepted into managed care contracts and show you how to make the same money from managed care as you can from Medicare.

Survey results

What areas are the state surveyor’s writing deficiencies? We will share recent survey results and help each other prepare for the next survey hot zones for focus. This will save you time and money by avoiding deficiencies.

Share Policies and Procedures to support members

Covid made policy and procedure writing the most stressful thing ever! You couldn’t find policies for sale and yet we know someone had already written them or got them from an attorney somewhere. We ask that our mastermind group support other owners in helping with policy transparency. This alone can save you on survey day! I would have paid thousands to not have to write my policies but being a Philadelphia provider, I had to. We had federal regs, and state regs and some of us has city/county regulations. 

Time management – getting things done

Melanie and Cheryl have participated in numerous mastermind groups with experts like Tony Robbins, Dean Grazioso, and many others. They have learned tips and tricks that will help you with time management. Whether it be through how to streamline your email, or how to schedule your power thinking. They will lead the group in discussions on what works now! Your time is priceless.

Developing a Strategic Plan

Cheryl has invested in using a firm to take her organization through building a strategic plan and getting things done. She will share her journey and ask others to share how they develop a strategic plan each year. This session alone is worth Millions!


In this session, we will deep dive into outcomes, how they are calculated, and how to improve them. 

Finances – cost analysis

We will discuss cost calculations and methodologies used to determine direct cost. This will allow you to position every contract regardless of payer, to prevent losing money!

Recruiting and Retention

We are giving you access to our class on recruiting and retention. We will ask you to watch the lessons and meet to discuss what has worked. What hasn’t worked needs to be corrected? We know Length of stay and census are directly tied to revenue!

Strategic Business Planning for growth

In this session, we will lead a discussion on building a home health strategic business plan to add a million dollars to your revenue. 

Top success secrets

What has led you to be successful today? We ask each member to be prepared to come with 2 resources that changed your life and share 2 things you wish you told your younger self.

Perfectionism sucks!

Perfectionism leads to many conditions that require professional help. During this session, Cheryl will show you how to strive for an incredible life without killing yourself or causing mental drain and fatigue. 

Quarterly business reviews

Melanie is the queen of accountability with sales representatives. This has saved agencies thousands of dollars by acting fast when they see any deviation in referral patterns. Melanie will show you how they can be done by your sales representative so you can quickly pivot when necessary. 

Using a CRM to manage sales teams

Maybe you have a sales team and maybe you are the sales team. We will share with you how to use it to manage a book of business with meaning.

Meetings that work

We will discuss agendas that work and processes that help get things done effectively.

Execution of Ideas

Effective meetings have already been discussed and now we are going to discuss using those meetings to ensure execution.

Intake Best Practices and Processes

We believe that every year you need to evaluate your intake desk. This is going to go over how to conduct a review and share best practices from our members. Whoever shares the most wins a prize! 

Federal Register Updates

Once a year we will have a visit from our financial guru James Plonsey. He will give us right after the November law update, an interpretation of how it will impact agencies.

Metrics that matter

In this session, we will go over the Key Performance Indicators that each agency is tracking.

Cash flow

Many organizations have issues at times with cash flow. We are asking you to share times that you have felt a cash flow pinch, what causes them? How to be prepared or how to predict them. 

Team Building and hiring process

What works for team building will be discussed as well an annual review of the hiring process will be discussed.  

Incentive Planning for Managers and Sales Reps

Cheryl will share a client’s story of how once they incentive a leadership team for a census goal and for the first time in 12 years the census goal was reached. What’s working now!  

Dealing with success guilt

Maybe you don’t have any guilt. Maybe when you hear an employee saying, “Did you see xxx got a new car again?” Maybe that doesn’t bother you. This lesson is going to show you how to tame the nemesis within and celebrate your life!