3 Goals for 2020.

No more, no less!


Three goals? Just three goals?

Yes! Here is what I know from working with thousands of home care owners and their reps. We all have goals, but often they do not get met because the people made too many, they were too big, or they were pie-in-the-sky unrealistic!

Today I will share with you the best practices of how to crush your goals in 2020 in just two simple steps.

1. Set 3 goals

Why 3? Well, three is manageable. If you have too many goals, you become overwhelmed. You don’t do any of them well, and you quit all of them. So start with three and when you accomplish 1 of them add another to replace it

2. Make your Goals – S.M.A.R.T.

You have heard this before. As my Gross Anatomy professor, Dr. Phish (yes, that was really his name!) used to say, “repetition is your friend.”



Let’s take a look at a common goal. I hear owners and reps say:

“I want to grow.”

Is that specific enough?  Well, it tells us you want to grow, but where? By a specific payer?  Revenue?  Profit?

This is a common goal that does not get met because it is not specific enough.


Let’s take the “I want to grow” goal

By how much?  1% or 40% or 100%?

One owner might be pleased with a 5% growth goal where another needs double-digit growth to make their new budget work

Put a number to your goals!


Here is a big one

We often hear owners say I want 50% growth

Is this attainable?

Could you staff if your rep brought it in?

One of our mentoring clients comes to mind. After a fantastic year of adding $1 million to her topline, she wanted to “do it again the next year.” That’s a tall order. 100% growth in her case to do it again in a home care agency that has been in business for 5+ years – Is that attainable?  You know your business best – you be the judge.

You have to take a hard look at the goals you write you want to stretch yourself but still make it achievable.


Is it relevant to your business now?

Yes, we have future plans. But today is the best day to get started on your goals for 2020!


Put a time frame on when you will accomplish your goal


Let’s look at the example:

“I want to grow.”

When? Tomorrow? Next month? Next year?

Let’s turn, “I want to grow” into a S.M.A.R.T. goal.

  1. Grow my Medicare admissions by 10% in the next 60 days
  2. Grow my private pay hours to 4000 a week in the next quarter
  3. Grow my Hospice by diversifying my admitting diagnosis from 80% cancer to 3 diagnoses.  Add 2 new patient types that account for 30% of the admissions besides cancer in the next year.

Those are great S.M.A.R.T. goals!

2020 is YOUR YEAR!



WORK to make them REAL!

We would love to hear from you –

Let us know your goals for 2020 in the comment section!


Together We Grow!

Keep Serving Seniors,