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Whichever you identify with, you can most certainly end 2023 with a success story.

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I love the holidays!

Candy canes, sugar cookies, and Hallmark Movies NONSTOP. That’s right, Mr. Manly Man, Jason Lewallen, loves watching sappy Christmas movies for the entire month of December.

Try to get me to watch “The Notebook” or “Titanic” and you’d better be ready for an uphill battle…but turn on “Mrs. Miracle” or “Love and Mistletoe”? and I’ll have the popcorn ready and sleep pants on faster then you can blink.

It’s amazing how the holidays can do that to a person. Here is the thing: It’s not the holidays. It’s perception. I am willing to let my guard down during the holidays, but I perceive these movies not as “drama” or “romance” but as heartfelt holiday movies.

When we change our perception, it changes OUR reality.

Think about that for a second. If you think that you will be a successful salesperson, you will work at it. You will most likely become that salesperson. Need more proof?

Consider this great story:

In 1964, Robert Rosenthal did a very unique experiment in a San Fransisco school. He disguised a regular IQ assessment test as the “Harvard Test of Inflected Acquisition.”

After the teachers administered the test to students, Rosenthal randomly selected students regardless of their scores and informed the teachers they were gifted. He shared that the gifted children would see tremendous growth in their IQ over the upcoming years.

The results of this study tell us quite a bit about the human mind. Over the next two years, the kids who were considered “gifted” but who were, in fact, randomly chosen, all performed higher than the others.

Rosenthal determined that the day-to-day interactions the teachers shared with their students were different from those they shared with the “average” classes.


The moral of this story is simple. If we believe in something, we will (either aware or unaware) try to influence our situation to match with that which we believe in. That applies to more than just us. It can also apply to our referral sources.

If your referral source BELIEVES that sending you a patient or client will lead to an outcome they are looking for, they will focus more on referring to you. However, there is a catch. To mobilize referral sources, you will have to put together a reasonable foundation of education.

Building a solid foundation

When you build a foundation of education, what you are really doing is laying down the groundwork for identifying patients.

Think about this: Most office managers, front desk workers, and even many referral coordinators don’t know the most optimal time to pick up the phone and call your agency.

They know when a physician says to order care or to reach out to a home care or hospice company may be, but they can’t look into their patient mix and say, “this patient would definitely benefit from home care.” They don’t know the signs that indicate that it’s time to reach out.

So, here is the tough question. Do you know the signs? Does your sales team know the signs for home care? Too many salespeople in our industry are lacking in this key piece of knowledge.

They may know the benefits of referring, but do they really know how to paint the picture of the right patient type? If not, our Roadmap to Referrals actually educates your sales team on what they need to communicate the signs for referring.

Wishing you the most fantastic of holidays!

– Jason


About the Author:

Jason Lewallen is Vice President of Marketing

for Home Care Sales

He can be reached at:


Phone: 615.815.7907


Sales reps are the lifeblood of any business and the ones that most often drive revenue and census growth.

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However, if they make a few mistakes, it can cost them and their agency dearly.

Unfortunately, these mistakes happen quite often and most reps are unaware of the impact that they can make. If you are an owner, you need to help your sales team avoid these mistakes.

If you are a sales professional who might be making these mistakes, don’t worry! You can quickly and easily pivot on a path that will drive more referrals and keep your referral sources happy and active in the lives of their senior patients.


Mistake 1: Being a Professional Visitor


How do you know if you are a professional visitor (or have a professional visitor on your team)?

First, Are you stopping by to see a referral source and treating them like a friend without discussing home care (or Home Health or Hospice)?

Well, I have some bad news. This is a no-value sales call. Imagine instead that you had expanded their knowledge about which patients to refer!

You will get so much more in return for your time and effort by positioning yourself as an expert.


Mistake 2: Talk too Much

I really hate this one. I have had to deal with calls from doctor’s offices and skilled nursing facility administrators about my sales reps hanging around gossiping about Game of Thrones or talking about sports scores (and other examples, the list goes on and on…)

No one wants their staff to not be doing their jobs because they are too busy “BS”ing with our sales folks. It makes accounts mad and makes your agency look unprofessional.

Remember less than 2 mins, and they should be talking to you, not you to them!


Mistake 3: They Brochure Vomit

So this one sounds gross, but it happens all the time (especially to new reps). This is another one where I wish I could duck-tape some rep’s mouths shut!

Everyone remembers when they were somewhere and someone was vomiting. It’s gross and you can’t wait to get away from the vomiting person. It’s the same feeling for me when a salesperson is brochure vomiting.

If you already did a qualifying sales call (Learn how by purchasing the High-Performance Sales Academy Program) you know that this particular account can already refer to your company. You brought them brochures during your second visit.

Now, you do not need to spend time on a sales call to tell them the services you offer. Instead, ask them trigger questions to identify patients they can refer right now. This will elevate your conversation and provide you with an opportunity to serve their specific patients.


Mistake 4: They Don’t Handle Objections


One of the most common errors made by sales reps is not handling objections. Let’s face it: One of the main functions of office staff is to deflect anyone who might waste their team or physician’s time.

Objections from referral sources can be difficult to deal with and many sales reps struggle to respond adequately or at all. This lack of skill in handling objections leads to lost referrals and underserved seniors.

When dealing with objections, it is important for sales reps to remain calm and professional so that they can address their referral source’s concerns without making them feel uncomfortable or ignored. Good listening skills are also beneficial since this allows reps to better understand what their customers need before attempting to resolve any issues that come up during discussions or negotiations.

Speaking of good listening skills…


Mistake 5: They Present Information that isn’t important to the referral source.

For any sales representative, success is dependent upon their ability to make the right connections with their referral sources. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes they make is presenting information that doesn’t matter to their specific referral sources. This lack of focus will often lead them down a path of failure, as the information may be too general or irrelevant to the needs of their referral sources.

When it comes to discussing services for seniors, it’s important for reps to understand how they can help solve a problem for their physicians or referral partners.

They should also ensure that the information they bring is tailored specifically for each individual referring partner in order to create meaningful communication and engagement opportunities. If salespeople fail to do this, then they risk losing both trust and credibility which will ultimately result in lost revenue.


Avoid the mistakes that leave seniors unserved and unlock your full potential with the High Performance Sales Academy. Gain instant access to this proven methodology.


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Have an amazing day!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales