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Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

We just started our Inner Circle Mastermind group for home health agencies, and I already see great things happening with this amazing group of owners. 

Some have heard how others are recruiting new clinicians and are adopting new strategies and getting results.  Others have added amazing retention protocols to keep their top staff. 

In our next meeting, we are focusing on key performance indicators.  


I have been asked what our inner circle mastermind group is all about.  Here are 5 things you should know about mastermind groups.


1. Coaching and mentorship are important for business success. When you have a community of like-minded individuals who can support and encourage you, it can make all the difference.  

2. Mastermind groups are a great way to get coaching and mentorship. These groups are made up of people who are interested in helping each other achieve their goals.  This group is facilitated by two women who have over 50 combined years of experience in coaching and mentorship.

3. Mastermind groups provide a safe place for people to share their ideas and get feedback. This type of community can help you learn new things, grow your business, and achieve your goals. In addition, this group can save you money by preventing you from making costly mistakes.

4. Mastermind groups offer a variety of benefits, including networking opportunities, advice from experts, and support from others who are facing similar challenges. We all speak the language of the Conditions of Participation, and that makes us extremely effective in dealing with hot-topic issues.

5. If you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider joining our inner circle mastermind group. This group is our 3rd Mastermind group, and every year our program has drastically improved.  We are learning things that would take us 3 years to do, in just weeks.  


We are just over half full and looking for a few more members. If you would like to be considered for the group, please go to and complete the mastermind application form. We will reach out to set up your interview ASAP. 

See you on the inside of the Inner circle mastermind!  


Keep Helping, Keep Serving,

Cheryl Pelekis, RN “The Solutionist”



Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

The post-acute care world has been struggling with a lack of caregivers for years. This problem is only getting worse, as the population ages and more people require care.

Nurses and therapists are in high demand, but there are not enough qualified applicants to fill all the open positions.


This leads to communication problems and recruiting and retention issues. There are new ideas out there to try and streamline the process, but they will not be successful without enough staff.

We need to find a way to attract more people to this field so that we can improve the quality of care for everyone involved.

Building a company that everyone wants to work for starts with creating a culture of fun, wow, and satisfaction. This can be accomplished through things like offering advancement opportunities, mentorship, engaging orientation programs, and more.

Making sure employees are satisfied with their job is also key, as it will lead to increased retention rates and less turnover. Make sure you include an employee survey quarterly to make sure your team has what they need to get the job done.

Recruiting can be a long and arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be. By streamlining the process and using compelling ads, you can speed things up and make sure you’re hiring the best possible candidates. Be sure to script your interview questions and use quick reference checks and criminal background checks to make the process as smooth as possible.


Employee retention is critical for a successful home care business.


A recent study by the National Institute of Health found that individuals who received home health services recovered faster and were less likely to require re-hospitalization than those who received care in a nursing home or other institutional setting. The same study also found that caregivers are a key factor in providing quality home health services.

Given the importance of retaining good caregivers, businesses should consider offering retention bonuses, assigning buddies, conducting daily check-ins, and providing engaging orientations. Employee surveys can also be used to help identify factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. Outcome-based evaluations can help identify whether programs and policies are having the desired effect on employee engagement and retention.


In conclusion…


If you want to create a culture that makes your company the place everyone wants to work, you must start by setting the example yourself. Be passionate about your work and be dedicated to creating a positive work environment.

Encourage your employees to be creative and take risks and reward them for their hard work. Most importantly, make sure that everyone in the company feels like they belong and that their voice is heard. I love the book, Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results by Stephen C. Lundin and others.


You can also buy our recruiting and retention training at


Keep Helping, Keep Serving,

Cheryl Pelekis, RN “The Solutionist”



Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Even with the current staffing issues that many agencies are facing, home health care is a booming industry. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Despite this, many home health care agencies still struggle to make a profit. One of the main reasons for this is a lack of salespeople.

Salespeople are essential to the success of any business, and home health care is no exception. A good salesperson can help an agency attract new patients and develop relationships that are instrumental in reaching key revenue goals.

They provide the “connection” with your referral sources that your busy staff (especially now) simply doesn’t have the time to maintain or develop.

Another vital function of a great salesperson is their ability to communicate your staffing status. Yes, it is not fun when you have to turn away a patient, but what makes that even worse is when you finally have hours to fill and you don’t have a patient to occupy that time slot.

That can lead to a disappointed staff, a drop in revenue, and more.


Open and honest connection with your referral sources can make sure you are filling as many billable hours as you can, while ensuring that your physicians, facilities, and hospitals (who are very likely experiencing a similar shortage of staff) can plan accordingly and learn to rely on your agency to serve that key role of caring for their patients.

So what is vital to a health agency? A good salesperson.


There are many ways to do this, including recruiting them from other industries, asking your staff (especially ones that you find very reliable) if they know someone, or connecting with a recruiter that specializes in finding salespeople for the home health care industry. There are a few superstars hiring folks that a quick search on Linkedin can help you locate. (trust me…they want to hear from you!)

Salespeople are often the lifeblood of a company. They are the people who help a company capture new patients and referral sources and ultimately the decider of agency success.

So what are the qualities that make a salesperson great?


They need to be able to:

    • Build relationships with referral sources
    • Understand those referral sources’ needs
    • Get in a relationship where they can “identify” the underserved patient types for their referral sources
    • Provide outstanding customer service and follow up on admissions


If you don’t have a salesperson, (or perhaps you do), it seems like you could do what they do if you only had time. That may be true but there are two things you should consider:


    1. You actually DON’T have enough time.

    2. If they are a fantastic sales rep, then you probably CAN’T do what they do.

When it comes to home health, having a skilled salesperson on your side can make all the difference.
In order to be successful in this industry, you need to be able to represent your agency. This is especially true if your agency is in a market where there are many other competitors. If you don’t have someone who is out representing your services and your competitors do, how long do you think your agency and your established relationships will hold out?

With home health, a salesperson is essential for success.

Do you have a salesperson? Are they performing where you want them to? There is a good chance we have a tool you can access right away that can get them on the path to the number and type of patients you are looking for.

Simply email or go here to set up a call:


Keep Helping, Keep Serving,

Cheryl Pelekis, RN “The Solutionist”



Recently, I presented at the Home Health Administrators summit in Las Vegas. It was an extraordinary summit, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to be of service and share our experiences.


I heard a lot of statements like this: 


“We did ok through COVID, and now the COMPETITION is heating up!”

“The competitive marketers are coming out in DROVES.” 

“We enjoyed the relative ease of communication and relationship during COVID with our best referral sources, but NOW the other agencies marketers are back at our referrals sources and stealing market share.” 


I, too, have experienced this in one of our client’s agencies. The rep’s statement to me during the coaching call this week was

“The wolves are out, and they are following me.” 


WOW – a lot can change in just a few weeks as communities open up. As agencies hire staff, the marketing team is called on to increase the referrals and fill up the funnel!

This is where Home Care Sales shines. We know exactly what to do.

Below is a quick framework as you approach this quarter 2 (good thing you did your quarterly business review and know your plan for Q2 – if you didn’t, we have got you covered in our Sales Management and Coaching program – reach out to to learn more.)


    • Review your data (Q1 YOY and over Q4)
    • Rank your referral sources
    • A great defense is a great offense – now is the time to go to your Top 25 referral sources and do your Improvement Process questions.
    • See any GAPs? List them and meet with your manager to see how we can bridge them.
    • Create a 3 step action plan for your Top 25 accounts


You can do this! Bulletproof your best accounts, and as my friend, Cheryl says, “lock them in a vault!”

If you are struggling – you don’t have to – we are here for you!


Need more ideas and tactics that work in the field?


Coaching could be precisely what you are looking for!


The best in the world –Patrick Mahomes– gets coaching every week to be at the top of his game. You can’t expect to show up on Sunday and play your best game if you are not practicing, studying, and scrimmaging. So you, too, have the opportunity to be at the top of your game!


Click here to book a free discovery call with Mike! 


Keep serving Seniors

Together We Grow!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

Sales Managers assume 100% of the responsibility for the performance of their sales team, yet receive little glory for their efforts.

I have worked with so many different management positions in our industry. Large clients that have 8 sales managers, down to “Mom and Pop’s” that the owner him/herself is the sales manager. 

In most cases, sales managers earn less than their top salespeople. They have the responsibility of evaluating territories, hiring, training, teaching CRM, and they must deliver the number of admits/hours to hit budget.  

Yes, the best sales managers work longer hours, endure more stress, and have a greater responsibility than the salespeople they manage. They are looked down upon by most clinical management and are forever in need of something! 

Making things worse is the fact that salespeople are harder to lead and manage than any other employee type that work at our organizations. 

Sales account executives are emotional and often irrational people who demand attention. Because salespeople are essentially in jobs where rejection is the norm, sales managers are often called upon to be coaches, mentors, mothers, fathers, and sometimes therapists to keep their troops motivated, focused, and delivering on sales goals.

If this is not hard enough, sales managers are often put in the position of shielding their salespeople from corporate policy police, accountants, and operators who have absolutely no understanding of the psychology of salespeople.

It is a wonder why any sane human being would voluntarily choose to be a sales manager.

Though each year thousands of sales professionals give up their sales roles and accept the promotion. They move into new offices and proudly stare at their newly printed business cards with little understanding of what it takes to lead salespeople.

Ill-prepared to perform the job of sales manager, a high percentage of these newly-minted sales leaders are demoted or fired within 18 months. Unfortunately, the sales profession is a graveyard littered with the corpses of failed sales managers who (had they embraced one important principle) might have gone on to become superstars.

Leadership Principle #1

In sales leadership, one principle stands above all: You need your people more than they need you. Another way of saying this is that you get paid for what your salespeople do, not for what you do.

Who Is More Important: You or Your Salespeople?

The fact is, even if the sales manager went on a two-week vacation, and all of your salespeople showed up each day, things would likely be just fine. The work would get done.

Sales Managers Get Paid For What Their People Do

When you get your next paycheck, take a close look at it. The money deposited in your bank account was a direct result of your salespeople’s work. You were rewarded for their performance or non-performance—not yours. To tell yourself anything different is an outright denial of the facts.

As a sales leader, if your salesperson succeeds, you succeed. If your salesperson fails, you fail.

So, it follows that your job is to position your people to win. You must create an environment in which they can succeed, develop their skills, leverage their talents, and remove roadblocks so that they sell. You need them more than they need you. Anything that you do that impedes their success hurts you!

It is time for you to reconsider who manages your team. Home Care Sales has a new sales coaching & management program.  It comes with a CRM powered by Playmaker, and it replaces your current sales leader for a fraction of the cost.

Take Dave, a director of sales with four salespeople on his team. Dave constantly demanded insignificant reporting on virtually everything. Each time he asked for a report, it took his people away from sales activities that generated revenue.

One of his salespeople said, “He drove me over the edge of insanity. I’d be on my way to see a referral source, and he’d call me wanting a report on something stupid right then like it was the most important thing in the world.”

What happened to Dave? Dave’s goose was cooked because the talented account executives he had inherited when he took the job quit. He eventually lost a great job and thousands of dollars in incentive bonus because instead of helping his people succeed, he became a roadblock to success.

Far too many sales managers never learn this lesson.

The single most important leadership principle is this: You get paid for what your people do, not what you do.  You need your salespeople more than they need you. Give them what they want!

Imagine, your salesperson is armed with a sales message that produces referrals. Your sales team has beautiful, branded flyers and clearly spelled out expectation documents to ensure compliance. Our Sales Coaching & Management done for you has all this and more.

    • CRM for account management
    • Sales Process personalized in the CRM.
    • Weekly sales messages for the entire year
    • 12 weeks of onboarding sales training
    • Monthly automated reports sent to leadership.

We are weeks away from launching our new program. Only 25 spots are being offered. Sign up today before they are gone. Sales Coaching & Management done by Home Care Sales is the solution to your growth challenges. Let us help you! 

Keep Helping, Keep Serving,

Cheryl Pelekis, RN “The Solutionist”



Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

So, here’s the big challenge of life according to Jim Rohn:

“You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are.” 


That’s the challenge. And of course, the flip side of the coin reads, 

Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you got.” 


I have found in my experience that income does not far exceed personal development. Incredible success is something you attract not something you pursue. Success is looking for a good place to stay. So instead of going after it, you work on your personal development. 

I remember getting a scholarship from our nation’s first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital. I felt like that scholarship was my ticket to advancement. I was so happy. Because, for me, true happiness was not contained in what you get. Happiness is contained in what you become.  

Personal development found me by accident at age of 18. I always loved to read, and one day I bought a book at the used bookstore on the boardwalk in Wildwood New Jersey. 

The book was by John C. Maxwell.  I was with a group of friends, and we went and sat on the beach, and I read the book.

This book changed me from the first day that I picked it up. The book was called, “Intentional Living”  


The truth is, I am still working on intentional living. I think it’s an unending challenge to see what you can become. The book taught me some basic laws and I didn’t even realize until recently when I was working with Tony Robbins in Mastermind Group how adopting some new rules, that I lived by has helped me become the version of myself today and it’s a work in progress.  


If you look at your bank account and your income and you’re not happy, then set a goal. When I go back and look at my goals to be self-employed. To own multiple million-dollar homes one being on the beach, and to travel the world. 

I’m proud that there isn’t a goal that I haven’t reached. Now, there are still goals to reach, my goal list changes almost quarterly. 

One day my niece saw one of the goal charts that I was working on, and she asked me, she said, “Aunt Cheryl, what’s your secret? How did you become who you are?”  So, I told her, “there are so many secrets to share, but today I will start with the most important one… You, my dear, hold the key to your future self.”

She is now making her own goal charts. I can’t wait to see what she will do with her life. I share all of this with you because success leaves clues. 

Post-acute care has been my life’s work. It has brought me happiness beyond what I thought possible. 


Now Melanie and I want to share our little secrets with you! That’s why we started the home health only  Inner Circle. We want to support other owners, to help you grow so you can serve more.  

Our new group is almost full and we would hate for you to miss this opportunity. 

You can apply by going to 

We can’t wait to work on your upgrade!