Andrew Carnegie had a mastermind group. So did Henry Ford.

Ford would mastermind with Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and others.

The mastermind group can focus unique energy on your effort or challenge in the form of knowledge, resources, and energy.

As the individual must “do the work” of becoming a “success,” a mastermind group can harness the focus behind your success.

Mastermind definition according to Jack Canfield:

“The definition of a Mastermind Group is simple. A mastermind group is made up of people who come together on a regular basis—weekly, biweekly, or monthly—to share ideas, thoughts, information, feedback, contacts, and resources.

By getting the perspective, knowledge, experience, and resources of others in the group, not only can you greatly expand your own limited view of the world, but you can also advance your own goals and projects more quickly.

They’ve been used by some of the most successful people throughout history.
We all know that two heads are better than one when it comes to solving a problem or creating a result.

So, imagine having a permanent group of people who meet regularly for the purpose of problem-solving, brainstorming, networking, encouraging and motivating each other, and holding each other accountable to taking action to achieve their goals.

A mastermind group can be composed of people from your own industry or profession—or people from different walks of life.

It can focus on business issues, personal issues, or both. But for a mastermind group to be powerfully effective, people must be comfortable enough with each other, to tell the truth.”


Cheryl and I are curating a new mastermind group.

Caring Agency Mastermind CAM for short!

We are looking for owners and leaders who want to be part of a community and collaborate!

Here are great reasons to consider having a discussion about joining the CAM FAM!

    1. New Learning
    2. Cross Promotion
    3. Extend Your Network
    4. Think BIGGER!

If you would like to discuss if the CAM FAM is a right fit for you, click here to fill out the application and schedule a time to talk to Cheryl or Melanie

Click the application below and let’s have a conversation!

Join the CAM FAM!


P.S. This year we are focusing on the 5 pillars of success for agencies AND we are “scheduling” FUN! Because we ALL need more fun! Click here to apply!



For years, Home Care Sales has been helping organizations around the country to grow their agencies. We love what we do!

We are well-known as the consultants that teach you to sell using medical diagnosis (which has been pivotal in millions of dollars in revenue for our clients).

While our clients have experienced great success, many say that our products help them grow but then a new problem is created… Staffing!

We need more caregivers, nurses, or therapist is what we hear from our clients.


Today’s blog is about your recruiting process and a few tips that will help you make sure your recruiting process is working.

First, do you have a process? Does each person tasked with hiring follow the same process? Does the process work? Do you have any KPI’s that you are tracking to prove that your recruitment process is working or to identify when it is broken? Is one manager better at hiring than another business manager?

Here are a few of the recruitment metrics that I would suggest that you measure:


  • How long does it take to hire employees?
  • Is your potential candidate the right fit for the job?
  • How much money are you spending on the entire hiring process?
  • How efficient are you in the hiring process?
  • How many candidates are applying for your job postings?
  • Which places are the candidates looking for your job postings?
  • How well does your new employee perform at the job?
  • Does the job description that you provided with the listing accurately represent the actual job details?

Many of the organizations are operating without a formal recruiting process. Below are some of the points that I suggest your organization adopt to improve your recruiting key performance measures.

Just changing a few things will improve your recruitment efforts.Melanie and I are working on a new Caring Agency Mastermind, we call it our CAM FAM, and we have created an incredible recruitment and retention program that we are including to our CAM FAM members.

This mastermind group will have “hot seatproblem-solving calls for owners/executives twice a month. The hot seat calls are designed to help you solve any issues and hold you accountable for hitting your short term and long-term goals.

CAM FAM was created to help you get upgraded quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.


We will also have one wonderful in-person gathering every year to connect with other members, learn some new information, and gather with others who speak your language. 

If you want to learn more, about any of our mastermind groups all you have to do is go to to fill in an application. We cannot wait to have you join us on this exciting new journey!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

As cases spike, more and more accounts are going into “lockdown.”

…But some reps are still getting in. Why are some reps allowed in, and others are being told that due to COVID, they are not allowed in at the same accounts?

I spoke with one of our favorite Home Health reps, and I asked her, “how are you doing? The cases in your area are rising, and your governor is considering restrictions again. How are you making it in this time?”

This rep (Stacy) is really great! She has been serving her accounts for the last 7 years with this agency.

She is also known for her “iron grip control” over her “good” orthopedic accounts. She is very protective of these accounts, and rightfully so – over this year, her best account referred her over 200 patients!

Stacy told me this. “I have been in contact with my doctors, nurse practioners, and surgery schedulers via text until about 3 months ago. Then, they started to invite me in again. So I can just go in like normal now, but that’s not true for all reps.”

When I asked her why she said. “They use COVID as an excuse to not let in the reps they don’t like or don’t know.”

And there is was COVID, the great rep filter!

I thought this was going to happen. All those reps who made “lazy” sales calls. To “just check-in” or “Checking to see if you had a referral”…. “Just got the boot.”

Today, now more than ever, your reps have to have a valid business reason for calling! They MUST have a sales message of the week that identifies high-value patients or clients for you and MUST be relevant to your referral sources!

Another one of our favorite reps, Lacy, reported she feels a deeper connection with her referral sources than pre-COVID. I asked what she attributes that sense of connection. Besides the fact that Lacy is a FANTASTIC rep, and her relationships were rock solid pre-COVID.

She shared that social workers have had more time to talk on the phone. Without the distraction of all the other reps, “dropping in,” they spent 10-20 mins with her on the phone, sharing and connecting.

What can we learn from these experiences?

  1. There is value in developing relationships even when you are “remote” Stacy used text, Lacy used the phone.
  2. When you offer value – you will “get through the filter.”

If you are being “filtered out,” think about ways you can offer something different – in the form of education or connection. Make sure you have a valid business reason for reaching out.

COVID is a pattern disruptor – and it allows us to rethink EVERYTHING!

If you are struggling to be heard…

If you are being “filtered.”

Time to skill up!

Get your weekly sales messaging on point!

Sign up for the RoadMap of Referrals today!

Serving more seniors together!

P.S. Are you being filtered out? YOU ARE THE HOME CARE EXPERT! Let us show you how to get through and be heard. Click here to get on Mike’s calendar for a tour of the system.



One of the most frustrating things that I have seen repeatedly from Sales Representatives is that they continue to call on accounts that have never referred. According to Ziglar, that is the definition of insanity! 

Over the last 10 years, I will share with you that I have studied my fair share of data. Sales representatives are taking about 5-8 sales touches before they get their first referral. Today, I wanted to share with you an exercise that I learned to help sales representatives get in touch with their sales messages. 

When sales representatives understand how important the sales message is, they can use it effectively to finally bring in the referrals.

Here is the assignment that I give reps to improve their sales results. 

First: I ask them to list 5 reasons that describe why someone refers a patient to receive care. 


The way to do this is to look at the last 5 referrals and go ask the person who referred them for services:  Why did you refer this patient for services? 

Here are the types of comments that I receive back:

  • The patient had multiple hospitalizations
  • The patient had multiple falls
  • The patient has cognitive deficits
  • The Patient is non-compliant
  • The patient cannot get to the doctor’s office
  • The patient has a problem with blood sugar
  • The patient constantly is calling the MD with problems.

The next part of the assignment is to have them create “one marketing message” related to each reason why the patient was referred for their company’s services.


  • We can prevent multiple hospitalizations
  • We have a falls prevention program
  • We treat patients with cognitive deficit’s
  • We educate patients on disease management
  • We can help you by doing a telehealth visit search

(Note: Tie into Call-To-Action for your product/services)

Now I have them turn this into a trigger question and a “what is in it for me?” statement to bring in the referrals. 

Quick Example: “Which patient might end up in the hospital this week? I’d love to make sure you don’t have to worry about him or her this week.”

There are many variations of this, but over the years, we have unlocked several that almost always work.

The follow up to this is to build a year of weekly sales messages and provide handouts that support the questions. 


This part can be daunting, but you don’t need 52 DIFFERENT topics! You won’t simply talk about heart conditions once a year. You are more likely to talk about it once a quarter, but if you focus on your key diagnosis and reasons for referring, you can build out a strategic plan like the one we provide in the Roadmap of Referrals.

Once you’ve compiled that, We need to talk about gatekeepers (window witches, window wives, dragons at the gate, etc…)


You need to figure out how to get through the gatekeepers present at all your account types. We can’t spell out EVERY strategy here, but there is a good chance you can predict the kind of gatekeepers you will meet. Having an effective strategy past these people obstacles will put you on target to build the referring relationship you need. 

Finally, to truly knock it out of the park, you need to roleplay your sales messages.


This will let you figure out what you will say when you will meet objections like:

  • We don’t refer
  • You need to have a Lunch and Learn
  • The hospitals handle all our referrals
  • I have a provider that I use for my patients
  • My patients can’t afford your services
  • My patients don’t need your services

Once you have mastered all of this you are finally done.  You have completed your very own 52-week sales plan.

If this is too difficult for you, do not worry, we have done this for you. 


Our weekly sales messages can produce up to 5 times the number of referrals you are currently getting from an account. We also provide the handout (PDF) to email, and phone script to use to build the number of referrals you are getting from your current referring accounts.

The real secret sauce happens when once a month the agencies get to join Melanie and I in our virtual coaching room and hear us roleplay:

  • How to use the trigger questions,
  • How to deal with the most common objections that your sales representatives will face
  • How to use trigger questions when asking for specific patient types

Why this works so well is this…. Your sales representatives get to build up their confidence.  And folks, confidence sells.

Want to see what this looks like? 

Go to to learn more or just email and you can have your own private demo. This product can help you close the prospecting funnel. This is THE TOOL to stop no value sales calls. 

Don’t just let your sales team wander aimlessly without a Roadmap of Referrals. 


Cheryl Peltekis, RN “The Solutionist”

PS – You can also claim some of Mike’s time directly on his calendar here:

Hurricane Sally came to visit us a few weeks back and left some damage.

While I am not a fabulous home improvement chick, I decided to tackle some of the repairs and paint myself.

A fair bit of it was beyond my skillset, so I recruited my brother to help.

My brother Justin is a solid woodworker, so I asked him to help me repair some of the soffit on my roof.

While Justin set up a shop to replace some wood, I went about my painting prep. Power wash, scrape, sand with 80 grit, then finer, wipe off the boards, caulk, tape, and then paint.

My brother was working on another side of the house and came over to ask me a question when I was prepping. He took one look at me and said:

“Hey Sis, do you know there is a tool called a “paint eater?”


Hmmmmm, Nope!

I have never heard of it, but it sounds like you think it is something I could use.

He said – “How long did it take you to get to this point?” I told him I got 8 hours into this section, and I am about to paint, so maybe another 3 hours more?

Justin said, “Oh man, Sis, I wish I would have known I would have let you borrow my paint eater that prep work would have been done in 2 hours.”

“You are working WAY too hard for the same result.”


Well, darn it – here I was working my tail off working HARDER, not SMARTER because I didn’t know there was a tool available.

Justin let me borrow his paint eater on the next section of the house, and wouldn’t you know it – he was right!

This tool allowed me to do the next area of the house in 2 HOURS! OMG! This was AMAZING! Prep time slashed and straight away to taping, and painting! SUPER STREAMLINED!

It looks AWESOME! With less than ½ the time it took me on the other side of the house!



When you have the right tools – man, you just get it DONE!

No time wasted – Straight away to the result!

It’s just like Marketing in Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice.

You may not know there is a tool that can help you compress time and increase your results.

There is! We made it just for you! Roadmap of Referrals!

When you have the right tools, you go straight away to sharing your weekly sales message that resonates and asking the Home Care Sales Trigger™ questions that get you a referral!

Think of Cheryl and me as your “Sisters” who share their knowledge with you so that you have the edge!

Which will allow you to achieve your goals faster!

If you want to go faster- Jump on Mike’s calendarand take a tour of our tools that will make your life so much easier!


Serve More Seniors Together!!


P.S. What is your favorite tool? Go to our Facebook page and share your favorite tool!


Halloween was just a week ago.

I know it seems like FOREVER ago, but only a week.

My twins are 7, and they are really into Halloween.

Don was DJ Marshmallow (I know he is a pretty big deal. You will have to google it later)

Dylan was Harry Potter.

We live in a quiet neighborhood on the golf course with about 25 houses. Most owners are seniors, and 5 of us families who have kids. We didn’t know if anyone would be “doing” treat or treat this year, but we thought, well, let’s try it and see!

About 75% of the houses didn’t have their lights on – the universal signal that “we don’t have candy for you,” so it was a little dark, and because I am not winning Mother of the Year, I forgot a flashlight.

Dylan said to me:

“Mom, I love Halloween but being out here in the dark – I am scared. You are not scared of the dark, and I want to walk with you.”

I told him “Dylan – I am here with Don and you, and it’s OK – I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. So just walk beside me instead of running ahead with your brother.”

Sales Lesson #1: You are always braver when you know someone has “done this before” and was “OK.” Follow the plan. We lay out our marketers’ plans months in advance. We have been down this road and we know it produces referrals! It will for you too! Confidence!

We finally came to some houses with tables outside with bowls of candy, and the neighbors were sitting in rocking chairs on the porch. The boys were so excited. Earlier in the day, we talked about manners and to say “Thank you” when they gave you candy. Don stepped up right away – took one piece of candy and said, “Thank you!” and went off skipping.

Dylan was timider. “He said, Mom- they are so far away – do I have to say Thank you?” I said – Yes, just like we practiced but LOUDLY so they can hear! To which he did, “THANK YOU!” And the neighbors yelled back – “Your Welcome.”

Sales Lesson Number #2: When you practice what you will say – It is EASY, and you can make modifications on the fly when you know the structure! Weekly Sales Messages are KEY- knowing what you are going to say BEFORE you walk in the door or pick up the phone – is key to your success!

Once we got home, of course, the big Halloween Candy Trade began.

2 Laffy Taffys for 1 snicker – 2 Twix for 2 boxes of Milk duds the trades went on and on.

Which brings us to Sales lesson #3: Know your Ideal Patient Type. We all have our “sweet spot.” The patients and clients we LOVE to work with AND are good for the agency. OWN it!

These kids had no problem saying I want “snickers” you need to own it too. “We specialize in Parkinsons! Which Parkinsons patient is struggling with ADLs?”

With all that is going on in the world, it was great for one night to have some semblance of “normal.”


It was good for the kids and our senior neighbors who stayed socially distanced but got to see and interact with the kids plus all those cool costumes!

Wishing you a Bountiful November! I hope you had some fun during Halloween!

Keep serving seniors!


P.S. If you are looking for a “plan” we got it! Click here to find a time on Mike’s calendar that works for you and he can show you the system!