Like many of you, I am struggling with my new reality. 

Without travel to speak somewhere on stage, or speaking on Cruise Ships (which I generally find quite wonderful) we are dealing with sadness, illness, and no place to be but home. 

However, I have found new ways to keep myself busy. 

Below you will find my latest work of art. Before COVID-19, I only painted one picture of sunflowers, and now I have uncovered a real love for painting.

I may not be Picasso, Rembrandt, or even Bob Ross, but I have really found peace in creating art. It sings to me.


Out of forced boredom, I found a new hobby that I really enjoy.  Now, this year my home health friends have had to deal with PDGM cutting their payments. This too has forced us to find ways to provide therapy, and not lose money. 

Today I want to invite you to a webinar that will help you do just that. Show you how to take the situation we have been dealt with (PDGM and now Covid-19) and still find other ways to make revenue while providing improved services and improving customer satisfaction.

This webinar will show Home Health Agencies how to implement Outpatient Therapy Services for non-homebound patients. Medicare allows certified home health agencies to provide Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy to non-homebound patients in their homes. With the current crises, many patients are not allowed to get therapy at Outpatient Therapy clinics or at the Outpatient Department at the hospital.

Medicare sees that Home Health is a cost-effective solution.

ANY traditional Medicare Part B patient is eligible for this service. Medicare has removed the cap in 2018. This service will allow patients to receive maintenance therapy in their homes.

Want to discover how your agency can leverage this awesome opportunity? Sign up here.

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