One tool which you can use to influence someone?s beliefs or change their approach to referring to your organization is improving your rapport with the account.? Today I want to share with you 10 ways to create a rapport.

10 Ways to Build Rapport With Prospecting Accounts

  1. Bring up mutual interest. ? observe their jewelry, pictures, or clothing and find something that you can authentically show an interest in. My favorite is dogs.? If I see a dog picture or a dog charm, or t-shirt or mug with a dog, I got my mutual interest.
  2. Give a small gift.? I usually bring my qualified accounts something to thank them for answering the survey questions. Remember to stay within all laws.? You cannot do anything to induce or entice referrals.? I usually bring them an item to snack on and a few pens or other small promo item under $1.
  3. Give them a referral. ? When I can, I like to ask for their business cards and ask if I can share it with my organization.? We might have a patient looking for a facility or a physician and I love to have information to share with our patients.? Don?t forget this is a great way to further learn about what payers they accept.? It will show you the type of patients that they currently work with.
  4. Insult Someone. ? I know, I can?t even believe that I wrote that, but, believe me when I say I have done a few thousand of sales calls and I can?t even tell you how great this works.? Saying something like, ?Man, what?s up with those shoes??? It sounds like an insult but what it actually does is allows the other person to tell you a story about why they purchased or why they choose to wear those shoes that day.? This provides another opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level.
  5. Tell a Story. ? Patient Vignette, about poor Mr. J, I just left his house and he is finally hiring a personal care aide to spend 8 hours a day with him while his daughter works.? The poor guy has had several falls and ended up in the hospital a few times and it was so sad.? Then ask if they know anyone like Mr. J.? Remember to follow HIPPA.
  6. Give them Information. ? Therefore, we push our clients to using the 52 Week Sales Plan.? It provides great educational flyers and monthly health observance flyers that your accounts can share with their patients.? You can learn more on our website!
  7. Pay them a Compliment.
  8. Make a Startling Statement. ? Drinking coffee can prevent depression is an example of a startling statement.? It could lead to a great conversation and you could just see them drinking coffee and say, hey I just read a great article about Drinking Coffee Can Prevent Depression, so you are on the path to a fabulous day!
  9. Give Good Service. ? Make your visit have a useful purpose, and keep it short to not interrupt work flow at the account.
  10. Then listen some more. ? Too many reps want to ask for the business, and they ask but they keep talking and never give the account to answer their first question. Don?t ask for a referral this way ? ?Do you have any patients who you are fearful that they won?t take their medication correctly?” Or they need help with wounds, or they have a risk for falling?? Stop with just the first patient type!


Building relationships is the cornerstone of winning referrals! Our High-Performance Sales Process teaches you how to build rapport by visiting

Cheryl Peltekis, RN ?The Solutionist?

Co-Owner of Home Care Sales