Getting Referrals and Building Relationships from the Safety of your Home

Our client’s teams whom we coach and manage have been putting new skills into practice since the 1st COVID-19 case in the USA.   Distance marketing tactics have produced results for their agencies, and we would like to share them with you.

What we have realized during this experience is that it is always possible to create an ‘environment” of hope, opportunity, and deep interconnectedness no matter what is going on in the world.

When you are fully present, on purpose, and aligned, your referrals sources will listen, and your referrals will flow to you.

Let us “take the wheel” and drive for the next six weeks to help you or your marketers “skill up” and gain the new knowledge they need to succeed from home in this unfamiliar environment.

Summary of the Program

  1. Three months of access to the HCS Inside Sales Academy ($500 value)
    • The Academy includes:
      • A Crash Course in Inside Sales – 4 Video Series
      • Leveraging Social Media to Reach Referral Sources – 5 Video Series
      • The Inside Sales Formula – The 5 Step Inside Selling Process
      • Bonus Webinars and downloads
      • Access to 20 downloadable supplements including Presentation Slides of the trainings, Sample Handouts, Phone and Email Scripts, step-by-step guidance documents, and MORE!
  2. Six Pre-Recorded Live training webinars with Melanie or Cheryl ($1500 value)

Only $65 for a Single Attendee

($59 each if you sign up more than one. Click the button at the shopping cart to add them and then adjust the quantity.)

Discover the secrets of using the phone and digital resources to peak interest, develop relationships, avoid friction, get your high-value patient/ client message heard through voicemail, and gain more referrals by phone!

Our team has been using the phone for the past 20 years to grab the interest of a prospect, set high-quality appointments, and secure revenue, and we want to share our experience with you!

This is a sales and marketing program. The most effective way to sell and marketing home based services is still by talking to people. Social media and email are great complements to the sales effort – and our team does cover some of the best practices for salespeople – but the focus of this program is how to get through, generate interest, a share a patient/ client type to gain the referral by communicating with them via phone.