"You need more referrals! You Need A Sales Person but you're TOO BUSY putting out fires to manage a sales representative! No Problem!"

Referral Growth is your ticket to the lifestyle you crave.

So stop putting off success!


Many of you have spent A LOT of $$ or more on training one rep and got crappy results.

Many have also invested even more in a sales manager who didn’t work out for your team.

Imagine having your rep trained by the Most Successful and Only Clinical Coach Melanie Stover, OT!

It’s all in your reach -> Complete Sales Coaching & Management with regular training, orientation, weekly sales plans, and EVEN alignment with your CRM system!

Sales Coaching & Management

At a fraction of the cost to hire a full-time sales manager!

That’s right! You can have your home health, in-home care, and/or hospice reps receive guidance and coaching from experts with collectively over 75 years of experience.

Imagine 30% growth (or more) – On average our clients grow 30% in the first year!

Home Health, Hospice, and In-Home Care Owners can breathe a sigh of relief…

It’s actually really, really easy for you.

If you are ready to have HCS Coach and Manage your sales reps, all you have to do is sign up!

What do You Get with HCS Sales Coaching & Management?

  • Orientation to the industry.
  • High-Performance Sales Academy Certification
  • Weekly Coaching sessions for the first 12 weeks.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and annual reports to owner/CEO or Administrators.
  • Once your sales rep has completed the first 3 months, they will continue receiving weekly support using our Achieve program and our Roadmap To Referrals.
  • They will be invited to live coaching hours every month to roleplay or get any objections handled. 24-hour email support is available~ You have nothing to think about~ Just press the button and get started now

  • Everyone needs accountability. we have experience with several CRM tools and are happy to work with yours to get the insights we need.
  • You will have reports put on autopilot. Automated notifications to owners/admins provide you with complete visibility to where your rep is going and where they are in the sales process.
  • You even get a performance improvement plan, quarterly business reviews, and annual sales planning tools

It’s that easy. We do the heavy lifting so you can have your time back.

Who Benefits the Most from HCS Sales Coaching & Management?

Sales Teams

A Sales Team that needs someone to support them, hold them accountable, and provide them with sales messages weekly.

First-time sales reps

Some agencies are finally hiring salespeople and this is the way to get them managed.

Large Sales Teams

Large companies that want to save money and not have to pay $150,000 each year for a manager.

Why pay $150,000 a year for a sales manager when you can pay a fraction of that to deliver the results?

This program has limited space. Reserve your spot now.

 Let's review the program one more time:


ORIENTATION to the industry, CRM training provided as needed, High Performance Sales Academy Certification, 1-on-1 deep dive into accounts and focused strategy


Weekly Sales Messaging, Methodology on how to manage, build, and secure referral producing relationships. In depth coaching specific to the rep being coached


Both 1-on-1 and group coaching calls to constantly support your team, quarterly and annual business reviews. Tools and training provided to continue skills development

The next step is to connect with a member of Home Care Sales

At HCS, we pride ourselves on setting up teams for tremendous success. To do that with Sales Coaching and Management, we need to show you what we do and gain an understanding of what you need. Click the button below to reserve a time to speak with a member of the team and explore your options.

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